Line-of-Sight Newsletter 25 June 2024

quality evaluations
ABS Quality Evaluations can help you minimize risk, improve operational efficiency and maximize the value of your operations and assets, with management system certification, auditing and training.


The ALN is very fortunate to have Organizational Members led by people like 
Christina Benty
, former Mayor of Golden, British Columbia and currently President, Strategic Leadership Solutions. Ms. Benty wrote a 
LinkedIn Post
 with concise thoughts about asset management’s role in society that is so clear we are quoting directly from it. “
Our civic leaders are in the best position to build connections among residents and model positive patterns of relating to one another based on mutual responsibility and ownership. They have the platform and the authority to create opportunities that foster dialogue to enable communities to address challenges together.

“How can they co-create solutions with their community? 

“I offer that the answer to this question isn’t solely on them, it’s on all of us.”

Also, listen to a 2-part Municipal World podcast with Ms. Benty that addresses 
the warning signs of a toxic workplace environment, how to avoid it, and where asset management comes into play. 
Part 1

Part 2


Asset Champions
ALN Organizational Member owners and ALN Executive Staff were interviewed by 
Mike Petrusky
, host of the years-old Asset Champions Podcast currently sponsored by Eptura. This podcast is titled, “Streamlining Organizational Outcomes with AEC Data, BIM, and Digital Twins.” Asset management governance was presented as the process that streamlines the business processes to achieve desired outcomes. A fully realized business process for extracting asset data from planning and construction models for use in asset operation and management was outlined. Mr. Petrusky runs a fun interview. Register to listen to the interview edited down to 20-minute at this 


State of Science
ALN Th@3 pm ET is on vacation for the time being. However, on Wednesday June 26 2 pm ET, you can watch the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s first State of Science Address by President Marcia McNutt. Register for in-person or web attendance at this 

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to