Line-of-Sight Newsletter 30 April 2024

Another special edition of ALN Th@3 pm ET is being held this week to showcase ALN support of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ 50th anniversary conference, Building Innovations 2024, May 22 – 24, 2024 in Washington, D.C. Register at this 
 and see more below in People, Ideas, and Upcoming Events.
We also want to congratulate Nick Knoke, ALN Director, Technology, and his partner Meghan Sanders who welcomed their second daughter into the world on Sunday. We wish their growing family many years of health and happiness together.

quality evaluations
ABS Quality Evaluations can help you minimize risk, improve operational efficiency and maximize the value of your operations and assets, with management system certification, auditing and training.


Roger Grant, Vice President, Technology, National Institute of Building Sciences, has been a stalwart at the organization for decades. He has been actively involved in the creation of standards and a proponent of advanced technology in the building industry. He will touch on the history of NIBS but will be focused on how Building Innovations 2024 points to future of the building industry. Mr. Grant will be joined by Jay Kline
, NIBS, Director, Project Management, who is leading BIM, AI, and other activities at NIBS. Register at this 
 and see more below in Ideas.


AM Global Survey
The Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management released a survey last week that is available at this 
. The GFMAM received 776 responses from 144 countries. There are 6 main sections and a total of 13 questions in the 9-page survey report, which includes map graphs of responses. The respondents are largely aware of asset management benefits and 50% indicate interest in ISO 55001 certification.


Join the NIBS Workshop
Bytes and Brains: AI Digital Twin Workshop is part of the NIBS Building Innovation 2024 Conference. Led by ALN Organizational Member ONUMA, Inc, the conference program on May 24, 2024 will include pre-event activities with the ALN to develop and show Use Cases of how owners can specify the use of Digital Twins and AI governed by Asset Management to improve organizational outcomes. 
Marc Goldman
, from ESRI, and 
Scott McClure
 from Image Matters, will be demonstrating AI and Digital Use Cases with 
Kimon Onuma
, President, ONUMA, Inc. during a 1-hour ALN Th@3 pm ET this week.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to