Newsletter 1 November 2022

Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site Inc., an ALN Organization Member, will be our guest on ALN Th@3 pm ET to officially launch 55K Talk – a new feature bringing insights about ISO 55K sections that have specific meaning to our supporters. If you have seen Ms. Mowatt on one of our past programs, you will know that the ISO 55001 4.2 requirement to include “all relevant stakeholders” is her favorite section. See one of her recommended readings below in “Sources.” 

If you have a favorite section of the ISO 55K Series please email your selection with a short comment to We will collect the comments and publish them together in 2023 and periodically after that.

Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership is a month of web programs starting December 1, 2022. We will start with a special hour-long edition of ALN Th@3 pm ET featuring ALN Board Chair Jim Dieter, and ALN Board Members Jack Kelly and Jack Dempsey discussing documents that help leaders set policy, establish strategy, and implement tactics that drive government organizational impact. The rest of the month will feature web programs including, ALN Th@3 pm ET guests focused on advancing outcomes, an asset management policy panel, and other special features. A discussion with Portland, Oregon Asset Management Policy contributing authors will be included. A PDF “book” of highlights will result from the program. If you are interested in participating or contributing content to Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership, email ALN Executive Director Mike Bordenaro at


Definitive Logic Delivers Outcomes at the Intersection of Business Processes and Technology

David Marroni, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Acting Director, Physical Infrastructure, was a new presenter to the ALN, but knew exactly what information to provide. In a very concise and precise 15-minute presentation Mr. Marroni says his background in the GAO energy sector prepared him for what are many of the same issues in every sector – a need for policy, understanding what assets exist, support from leadership, and other common issues. His video addresses U.S. GAO reports on federal real property space planning, highways, Post Office, and air pollution. Mr. Marroni’s presentation is at this link.


Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site Inc., an ALN Organizational Member, recommends an article on many different ways to engage with relevant stakeholders.  While the premise of the article is how to engage with people via social media if you don’t use Twitter, Ms. Mowatt says that the extensive list of platforms and processes for engaging with constituents is very helpful even if you also use Twitter. And the processes described can be used on almost any platform, even it is not included on the list, she says.

The ALN Higher Education Asset Leadership Board was formed to promote the creation of asset management curriculum at colleges and universities and to encourage these important institutions to use a structured approach to asset management in their operations. One co-chair is John Wyatt, Esq., who is a professor at Cal Poly Pomona where he teaches government contract management. Another co-chair is Peter Kohler, Liaison for the Australian Asset Management Council, which has a longer history of asset management curriculum in higher education. Contact Nick Knoke, ALN Director, Technology, who is the Board Manager, at

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November 3

Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site, an ALN Member Organization

November 10

Shirley Ben-Dak, VP of Strategy, Smart Water Network Forum, an ALN Partner Organization

November 17

James Downs, Definitive Logic, Sr. Asset Management Consult, retired USAF Colonel