Newsletter 11 July 2023

This week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET web program will feature a special 1-hour discussion about the “Strategies to Renew Federal Facilities” with Mike Aimone. Register here.

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Mike Aimone is an ALN Senior Fellow …and much, much more. He was a key executive for the U.S. Department of Defense for many years and he most recently chaired the recent “Strategies to Renew Federal Facilities” report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Mr. Aimone will be talking in-depth about the report and how it can positively impact federal agencies and any organization that takes its 5 key recommendations to heart. Register at this link.


Strategies Report

We can’t over emphasize the importance of the National Academies’ “Strategies to Renew Federal Facilities” so we are linking it here in Sources again. This document continues a series of NASEM reports that have heavily influenced U.S. Federal Government facility asset management policy and dramatically advanced mission readiness and success in defense and civilian agencies. It is likely that this report will also influence policy, so it is good to get a handle on the topics sooner rather than later.


Establish AM Culture with Training

Iain Cranston is president of ALN Member Organization icInfrastructure, which is the entity behind the Michigan Infrastructure Council training program that is the best state-wide asset management training system we have seen. In a 3-minute chat with ALN Executive Director Mike Bordenaro, Mr. Cranston makes the case for training being a core element of establishing a successful asset management program at any organization. See the video clip at this link.

Upcoming Events

July 26 & 27 at 1 – 4 pm Eastern Government Finance Officers Association’s “Asset Management for Financial Officers” eLearning Course with Kyle Wedberg, Ph.D.

The Andrew James Advisory Group provides ISO 55000 consulting services, and 2023 training the following dates: 
– July 17 – 28
– September 18 – 29
– November 6 – 17

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