Newsletter 13 June 2023

ALN Executive Briefings will be officially launched in this week’s ALN Th@3 – Organizational Members will be part of customized presentations on asset management issues to leaders of government organizations, institutions, and private companies. In-person or on the web, ALN Executive Briefings help the leaders of organizations understand what is possible so they can set their course. See more below in Ideas. Register at this link.

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Moshe Nelson, a Partner at Guidehouse, an ALN Board of Directors Member, was published in the Homeland Security Today web publication. His essay is titled “The Roles of Diplomacy and Homeland Security in a New Supply Chain World Order.” In it, Mr. Nelson points out lessons learned about supply chain security scenario modeling during the pandemic and how U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and State play major roles in guiding all agencies in advancing their supply chain security. “Such scenarios are not simply focused on traditional supply chain logistics but incorporate a dynamic set of factors, such as political, environmental, financial, and security factors.


Dorothy Robyn, a former U.S. Federal Agency Director, and an ALN supporter, published an editorial in The Brookings Institution’s blog on how to apply “BRAC” concepts to reduce federal spending. Building off House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s comments about using a “Base Realignment and Closure” approach to reduce federal spending, Ms. Robyn explains what could work and what would not work. Having run the DoD facilities and GSA Public Building Service, Ms. Robyn’s opinions are based in real-world experience and worth consideration.


ALN Executive Briefing for your City

As part of the launch of ALN Executive Briefings, we are offering individuals the ability to pay for their city, town, county, or State to gain insights on how asset management can help them improve mission outcomes. We are privileged to have many high-level executives who support the simple idea of using an asset management governance approach to increase specific measures of success. We are looking to passionate individuals to help us directly spread the word the word about asset management governance in your city, town, county, or State. Register at this link.

Upcoming Events

June 8 ALN Th@3 pm ET – ALN Executive Briefing Overview

June 22 ALN Th@3 pm ETMike Santos, ALN Sole Practitioner Member and KBR, Program Manager will be speaking about the upcoming Value and Benefits from Asset Management web program with the Australian Asset Management Council.

June 28 Wednesday 6 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management, web panel co-produced with the Asset Management Council.

June 29 ALN Th@3 pm ET – Steve Wyton, Manager, Asset Management Planning for the City of Calgary

June 29 at 4 pm ET – Onuma Inc. and CDV Systems will showcase their combined capabilities to deliver dramatically improved building information to owners.

The Andrew James Advisory Group provides ISO 55000 consulting services, and 2023 training the following dates: 
– July 17 – 28
– September 18 – 29
– November 6 – 17

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to