Newsletter 14 November 2023

Values and Benefits from Asset Management is an ongoing series of web programs the ALN and the Australian Asset Management Council have facilitated since 2021. The program has a PPT template and presenters answer the same questions based on ISO 55001 – what is the context of your organization, what is your scope, what are your measurements of success, what are unintended benefits? The program is scheduled to be at 8 am Sydney, which draws scores of folks from Australia – we had 335 attendees earlier this year. This week on ALN Th@3 pm ET we are exposing people in the U.S. to the highlights of the program.

Attend Momentum Day 2023 December 11 at the Renaissance Arlington Capitol View Hotel and learn how you can leverage Momentum® to Elevate Outcomes for your agency’s operations and mission.


Sally Nugent and Peter Kohler were key figures in establishing the Australian Asset Management Council more than 20 years ago. When asked about measurements of asset management success by the ALN, they immediately wanted to create a series of programs to build up a library of success stories that encourage leaders to begin, or expand, their asset management journey. There are now 20 presentations from owners of electric utilities, hospitals, federal agencies, transportation institutions and more. Please join us and some of the owners in a special presentation of Value and Benefits from Asset Management. Register at this link.


AI and Scientific Research

The National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine held a two-day conference on how AI is shaping scientific discovery that is summarized in this article. It says, “AI is advancing science in a range of ways — identifying meaningful trends in large datasets, predicting outcomes based on data, and simulating complex scenarios, said National Academy of Medicine President Victor Dzau in his welcoming remarks.”


Check out ALN AI Activities

ONUMA, Inc. has provided the ALN, and other associations, a series of programs on how AI and Digital Twins governed by asset management can benefit organizations. A special presentation last week to the Community College Facilities Coalition was a culmination of findings from workshops, projects, and presentations. Demonstrations show that a human-guided exploration of AI and Digital Twins benefits from the inherent governance available from Asset Management. See more at this LinkedIn Post.

Upcoming Events

November 16 – ALN Th@3 pm Eastern – Value and Benefits from Asset Management special presentation of highlights from past programs.

November 15, 29 and December 6 – 6 pm Eastern – ALN Senior Fellow Marty Rowland and colleagues will present “Decarbonizing the Economy – Challenges and Prospects” through the Henry George School of Sociology. The three lectures will address challenges and benefits of moving away from a carbon economy.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to