Newsletter 15 November 2022

ALN Th@3 pm ET on October 10th will feature James Downs, Definitive Logic, Senior Asset Management Consultant, and retired U.S. Air Force Colonel. See more below and register at this link.

Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership is a month of web programs starting December 1 2022. We will start with a special hour-long edition of ALN Th@3 pm ET featuring ALN Board Chair Jim Dieter, and ALN Board Members Jack Kelly and Jack Dempsey discussing documents that help leaders set policy, establish strategy, and implement tactics that drive government organizational impact. The rest of the month will feature web programs including, ALN Th@3 pm ET guests focused on advancing outcomes, an asset management policy panel, and other special features. A discussion with Portland, Oregon Asset Management Policy contributing authors will be included. A PDF “book” of highlights will result from the program. If you are interested in participating or contributing content to Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership, email ALN Executive Director Mike Bordenaro at


Definitive Logic Delivers Outcomes at the Intersection of Business Processes and Technology


James Downs received his degree in civil engineering before joining the U.S. Air Force, where he spent many years in Civil Works. He eventually, ended his career at USAF as Associated Director of Civil Engineer and Director of Staff. His duties in this role included providing policy and oversight for all Civil Engineers at all 183 bases worldwide. The annual budget for this work was $11 billion and included responsibility for 1,200 Civil Engineer Officers. In his role as Definitive Logic, Senior Asset Management Consultant, Mr. Downs is still in the Pentagon weekly and he continues to support the mission of the USAF.


Looking at Risk in a New Light

Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, considers the 17-minute video by Peader Duffy, Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management, to be the best new thinking on risk management. Mr. Duffy says an organization’s goal is not to manage risk, but to create and sustain value. Focusing on this changes the perspective of risk management, and can make it a more successful endeavor.


Address Asset Retirement Obligations

ALN Senior Fellow Marty Rowland introduced us to John Rosengard, President, Environmental Risk Communication, who has a wealth of information about Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO). ARO reporting is required of publicly traded companies, such as gas companies, by the U.S. Security Exchange Commission, but is greatly underreported in many industries. In the gas industry, AROs can be old underground pipelines that have detrimental environmental implications. While the ALN plans to help the gas industry understand the reduction of risk by properly reporting AROs, all organizations can benefit from better understanding their Asset Retirement Obligations. See some of Mr. Rosengard’s video presentations at this link and look for more about AROs from the ALN in the future.

55K Talk with Mike Bordenaro, ALN Executive Director

Closing ISO 55001 with section 10.3 on continual improvement is a well-planned promotion of excellence. “You are about to be certified to doing something better than you ever have before. But to complete the certification, you have to talk about how you are already thinking about ways to do it better for the next certification. This is a great encouragement to sustaining a culture of asset management.”

If you have a favorite section of the ISO 55K Series please email your selection with a short comment to We will collect the comments and publish them together in 2023 and periodically after that.

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James Downs, Definitive Logic, Sr. Asset Management Consult, retired USAF Colonel

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