Newsletter 18 July 2023

The ALN Th@3 pm ET web program this Thursday 20 July at 3 pm ET will feature another in a series of web discussions celebrating the ALN 10th Anniversary. See more below in People.

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.


Jim Dieter, Rich Culbertson, and Robert Kaehler are ALN “OGs” who are still on the Board of Directors. Although there was a very big cast of characters who were involved in the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the ISO TC 251 that wrote ISO 55000/1/2 and then formed the ALN, these three original gangsters are still essential to the impact our trade association is having on the U.S. and around the world. Mr. Kaehler is still working with ALN Patron Member CGI on federal contracts. Mr. Dieter and Mr. Culbertson are retired, but extremely dangerous to the old ways of doing things because their forward thinking is so clearly logical. We look forward to discussing the impetus to starting the ALN, what they think are important accomplishments, and where we can go in the next 10 years. Register at this link.


Airports Lessons from COVID

The Transportation Research Board of the National Academies has published a paper titled “Airport Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic” that discusses how to address the conflicts of promoting commerce and maintaining healthy conditions, dealing with different regulatory responses in different states that are connected by air travel, implementing protocols in a manner that they are followed, and other issues that can benefit any industry.

See the paper at this link. On a related note, the ALN Airport Asset Leadership Board is forming this summer. Email for more information.


Think Clearly about AI

In a very brief, informative essay, Paresh Patel, Vice President of CGI, an ALN Patron Member, provides calm insights on how to address the onslaught of concerns about Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Patel takes only 15 paragraphs to provide executives of federal agencies simple “whys” of AI, thoughtful guardrails, and the importance of being able to explain how your organization is using this powerful tool set. See the essay at this link.

Upcoming Events

July 26 & 27 at 1 – 4 pm Eastern Government Finance Officers Association’s “Asset Management for Financial Officers” eLearning Course with Kyle Wedberg, Ph.D.

The Andrew James Advisory Group provides ISO 55000 consulting services, and 2023 training the following dates: 
– July 17 – 28
– September 18 – 29
– November 6 – 17

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to