Newsletter 22 August 2023

This week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET will begin a 2-part presentation on the United Nations’ approach to helping establish a culture of asset management in an entire country. See more below in People and Upcoming Events.


Definitive Logic is a management and technology consulting firm known for delivering outcomes and ROI for agencies’ most complex business challenges.


Daniel Platz has been with the United Nations for 20 years and is currently Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Department of Social and Economic Affairs. Mr. Platz has a PhD in Economics and was a leader for the UN Handbook on Economics and Asset Management and has helped establish infrastructure asset management training for countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. He has written extensively including on the topic of the potential of sub-sovereign bonds in financing infrastructure in developing nations. Mr. Platz will be addressing issues facing nations that want to establish a culture of asset management at this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET. Register at this link.


Manning the Moon

ALN Patron Organization Jacobs is helping NASA prepare the Artemis II rocket for a manned flight in preparation to land people on the surface of the moon again. The Artemis II will be the first manned flight for this class of ship, which will include a 4-person team. Jacobs is working with NASA to prepare ground systems and operations at the Kennedy Space Center. Read more at this link.


Lead with a Long-term View

ALN LinkedIn member Paul Daoust, Founder and Managing Director, SCIO Asset Management, has an excellent post about Mark Bristow’s article on short-term vs. long-term asset management investment in the Financial Post. The Bristow article can only be accessed by subscribers, but Mr. Daoust’s post very clearly addresses the true value that can be achieved with the proper – long-term – asset management approach. “I’ve often wondered if the investor owners (whether publicly traded, privately or publicly owned; individual or institutional investors) knew how much value their organization was giving up with these short-term behaviours…” That is a very good question for leaders to consider.

Upcoming Events

August 24 – ALN Th@3 pm ETDaniel Platz, PhD. United Nations Senior Economic Affairs Officer/ DCF Team Leader guided the creation of the UN’s Managing Infrastructure Assets for Sustainable Development: A Handbook for Local and National Governments. Mr. Platz will have a web discussion on his background, the background of the Handbook, and how it has been implemented in many countries.

August 31 – ALN Th@3 pm ETDaniel Platz, PhD. will be joined by U.N. team members for a full hour with a presentation and discussion on the Handbook.

September 14 – ALN Th@3 pm ETChristina Benty, Founder and President, Strategic Leadership Solutions was Mayor of Golden, British Columbia and earning her Masters of Art in Leadership at the same time. She now consults and has a focus on culture and human behavior issues related to asset management. Her company has joined the ALN at just the right time as we start to explore the human side of asset management. Please join us so we can give a big and very warm welcome to the very accomplished Ms. Benty, who has given TEDx presentations.

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