Newsletter 23 May 2023

Today in Line of Sight, we introduce a new ALN Member Organization in People. We reveal a cache of excellent material from Jacobs in Sources to highlight today’s ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board Web Panel focused on Value. And we highlight an upcoming AI-Digital Twins-Asset Management web program from ONUMA, Inc. in Ideas. Submit your suggestions for future editions of Line of Sight to

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.


Christina Benty, is Principal Consultant with Strategic Leadership Solutions, a new ALN Sole Practitioner Member. Ms. Benty was Mayor of Golden, British Columbia, Canada, where she was also a City Councilor. She was Director, Columbia Sushwap Regional District and served in other government roles. All of her activities have forged Ms. Benty into a powerful asset management evangelist who understands the importance of government leadership in gaining the greatest value from assets to serve constituents. Ms. Benty has a wealth of existing papers and videos and promises to energize the ALN with future papers, presentations, web programs, and in-person talks. We welcome Ms. Benty and look forward to sharing more content from her.


Jacobs’ Thriving Cities

ALN Patron Member Jacobs has a broad view of Cities & Places that is reflected in a treasure trove of content on subjects such as Rikers Island redevelopment, Tyndall Air Force Base rebuilding after a hurricane, “restitching” Atlanta’s downtown, how infrastructure contributes to thriving communities, coastal city flood resistance, retirement community planning, inclusion, equity building and more. Visit this link to investigate a variety of papers, videos, podcasts, articles and more. And watch the ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board web program today, Tuesday 23 May at 3 pm Eastern, by registering at this link. See more below in Upcoming events.


AI + Digital Twins = Asset Management

Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., ALN Platinum Member, makes a viable case that combining the technology tools of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins leads to dramatically improved asset management capabilities. In a web program that continues what he started with the ALN, Mr. Onuma will demonstrate vastly improved abilities from just 3 months ago when he showcased groundbreaking innovations. A web program for the American Institute of Architects’ Japan chapter will be at an odd hour in the U.S., Friday 26 May at 9 pm Eastern, but will be worth your time when you see the business process advancements available today. See more about the AiAIA Japan web program below in Upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

May 23 Tuesday 3 pm ET – ALN Cities & Places Asset Leadership Board Web Panel with Earl Jackson, CFO, Denver City & County, Transportation and Infrastructure; Kyle Wedberg, PhD, Senior Manager, Government Finance Officers Association; and others will join the Co-Chairs in discussions on the power of the CFO in gaining value and benefits from asset management.

May 26 at 9 pm ET – the “Ai AIA Japan” web programs will build on the success of our recent BIMStorm focused on Asset Management and ISO 55000, this event highlights the importance of involving creative participants to ensure project success. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Tokyo, we’ll dive into creating innovative, green, and energy-efficient designs that promote resilience and add value to the cityscape.

June 21 Wednesday 6 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management, web panel co-produced with the Asset Management Council.

The Andrew James Advisory Group provides ISO 55000 consulting services, and 2023 training the following dates: 
– July 17 – 28
– September 18 – 29
– November 6 – 17

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