Newsletter 24 January 2023

Welcome, and a hearty thank you, to new ALN Patron Member CGI! See more about CGI at their website.

Three special programs to start 2023 kick off today Tuesday 24 January at 3 pm Eastern with Peader Duffy, ESG Exchange Technical Director. Mr. Duffy will make a presentation on “Value, ESG, and ISO Governance Standards” followed by discussion with Mary Adams and Jim Dieter. Learn how a structured approach to asset management can guide reporting on the multiple values an organization wants to track. See more below in ideas. Register at this link.

February 7th at 4 pm Eastern we will join our Australian colleagues at the Asset Management Council in presenting another edition of “Value and Benefits from Asset Management.Peter Kohler, AMC Executive Council Liaison will be our guest on this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET. See more below in People.

February 14th at 10 am Eastern, we will join our colleagues at the Institute of Asset Management for a web panel discussion on our co-published document, “Asset Management: A White Paper.

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.


Peter Kohler, AMC Executive Council Liaison, helped establish the Asset Management Council, and has been a great supporter of the ALN. Mr. Kohler was a strong advocate for establishing the “Value and Benefits from Asset Management” web series along with Sally Nugent. The series of asset management success stories serves as the foundation of a global data base that owners will be able to search for encouragement to initiate or expand their asset management journey. Join Mr. Kohler as he shares some of his favorite success stories and the importance of a global asset management database. Register at this link.


Local Asset Management Bonanza?

Governing magazine features two previous ALN speakers and the work they are doing with our collegial association Government Finance Officers Association. Ben McAdams, former mayor of Salt Lake City County, and former U.S. Representative has joined with Dag Detter, author of “The Public Wealth of Cities” to lead an initiative that assists local government inventory and leverage undervalued public assets. Through the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah and with assistance from the GFOA the two are running an incubator to help local governments identify assets that can generate non-tax revenue in a number of ways. Read more at this link.


Value @ Risk

Peader Duffy, Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management, has created a “Value @ Risk Continuum” that creates a Y axis of Value Creation and Value Maintenance along the X axis of Value Sustainment. This allows an organization to see value in a multidimensional manner that allows many ways to measure value that are not currently being leveraged. Join Mr. Duffy’s presentation and following discussion to understand ways to adjust decision making to reduce the risk of losing value at your organization. Register at this link.

Upcoming Events

January 24 – 3 pm ET – Value, ESG, and ISO Governance StandardsPeader Duffy will provide a governance-oriented presentation addressing Maintaining Value and Creating Value. Mary Adams, and Jim Dieter will join in a discussion after the presentation.

Jan. 26 – ALN Th@3 pm ETPeter Kohler, AMC Executive Council Liaison.

Feb. 7 – 4 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management – The ongoing series co-host by Australia’s Asset Management Council and the ALN will feature Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc. and John Hardwick, Executive Director for Asset Management at Transport, New South Wales.

Feb. 14 – 3 pm ET – Asset Management Leadership: A White Paper will be discussed on the web by leaders of co-publishers The Institute of Asset Management and Asset Leadership Network.