Newsletter 24 October 2023

All the best to our colleagues at the Institute of Asset Management Conference North America conference in Toronto this week. Thank you to our members representing the ALN, especially Amelia Shachoy, a new ALN Sole Practitioner Member. Mrs. Shachoy has retired from many years of government service and is now offering consulting services under the banner “Understanding How Governments and Cultures Function” – something we could all benefit from.

Congratulations to Richard Culbertson, who was re-elected as Chair of the ASTM International E53 Committee on Asset Management. Mr. Culberson, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow, will continue leading the U.S. delegation to the ISO 55000 continual improvement efforts.

The Andrew James Advisory Group is holding ALN A55K Professional Certification training November 6 – 17. The web course provides thorough and meaningful understandings of the ISO 55000/1/2 asset management structure. The training involves recorded courses and readings as well as instructed web discussions. A final session involves creation of a Strategic Asset Management Plan that drives home the theory into a class activity that can be used directly at work.


Bryan Oldham, Senior Director, Asset Management Denver International Airport, is Co-Chair of the ALN Airports Asset Leadership Board. He comes to airport asset management from ethe world of water asset management and is finding that the majority of asset leadership principles transfer from one industry to another. One difference is the large number of independent organizations that come together under the airport asset management organization in order to achieve united success. This week on ALN Th@3 pm ET, Mr. Oldham and his Co-Chair, Jennifer Mims, Jacobs’ Director, Asset Management, will introduce the new Board and talk about the panel they will co-facilitate on November 9th. Register for this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET at this link.


What is an Asset?

Last week, the ALN’s CDV Systems and ONUMA, Inc. presented together at the Space Strategies 2023 Conference in Boston. The presented on the concept of treating spaces as assets. They also created video interviews of other attendees and presenters. They asked, “What is an asset?” and received a variety of responses including the concept that a process is an asset. Very interesting. Thank you to Kimon Onuma and Cyril Verley for conducting the seven interviews.


Trees as Assets

Last week’s ALN AiBrainSTORM – TreeSTORM generated a large amount of discussion and interest in an organization using the creation of a Tiny Forest as an asset leadership technique that introduces a culture of asset management. By familiarizing staff with principles and practices of asset management through a Tiny Forest project, it is possible to get an organization moving forward together in productive ways. The ALN Trees Asset Leadership Board has already received a donation of one site in Indiana for a sample Tiny Forest project. However, the Board is interested in hearing from our community to determine what best first steps to take in this initiative. Please share your ideas with ALN Trees Asset Leadership Board Co-Chair, Nick Knoke, ALN Director, Technology at

Upcoming Events

October 25 – 5 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management
Dominic Townsend, President ABS Quality Evaluations, an ALN Patron Member, and Australia’s Dave Daines, Lead Auditor, Bureau Veritas. They will discuss the best asset management practices they have seen and the value derived from them. This is the first time we will be learning from this unique perspective. Please join us on Wednesday 25 October 5 pm – 6 pm ET. See more and register at this link.

October 26 – ALN Th@3 pm ET
ALN Airports Asset Leadership Board Launch with Co-chairs Bryan Oldham, Senior Director, Asset Management Denver International Airport, and Jennifer Mims, Asset Management Director, Jacobs.

November 9 – Airports Asset Leadership Board – ALN Th@3 pm ET
Denver International Airport CEO, Phillip A. Washington, will provide an opening Keynote on the collaboration needed among multiple organizations and the multiple divisions working together among those organizations at an airport. Bryan Oldham will then provide an organizational chart and discuss the collaborative efforts being undertaken at DEN. Jennifer Mims will then facilitate a panel discussion.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to