Newsletter 26 September 2023

Good things are happening to those involved in the ALN.

Last week we mentioned that ALN Member Organization Definitive Logic was acquired by ManTech. This week in Sources, we announce that ALN Member Organization MentorAPM has received investment capital from Switzerland-based Emerald Technology Ventures. In Ideas, we address ALN Senior Fellow Marty Rowland’s presentation at the United Nations Science Summit in New York. And we a release a new ALN White Paper on the critical need for U.S. Federal Agencies to link finance data with asset management systems. This seems obvious, but lead author Brandon Kriner, Director, CGI, ALN Patron Member notes that many agencies aren’t making this important link. Mr. Kriner will be our guest on ALN Th@3 pm ET this Thursday 28 September at 3 pm ET.

The Andrew James Advisory Group is holding ALN A55K Professional Certification training September 18 – 29 & November 6 – 17. The web course provides thorough and meaningful understandings of the ISO 55000/1/2 asset management structure. The training involves recorded courses and readings as well as instructed web discussions. A final session involves creation of a Strategic Asset Management Plan that drives home the theory into a class activity that can be used directly at work.


Brandon Kriner, Director, CGI, initiated the ALN-CGI co-published White Paper “The Vital Connection: Physical Asset Management and Financial Reporting” to provide a clear and concise argument for all federal agencies to benefit from making a direct connection between these two critical areas of operation. In 6-pages, the paper lays out how federal agency leaders can improve mission outcomes by taking the extra step of aligning financial and asset management reporting. When the silo between finance and asset management disappears, leaders have a clear line-of-sight that shows how federal agencies can dramatically increase value from their assets. Join us as we talk with Mr. Kriner about “The Vital Connection” this Thursday 28 September at 3 pm ET. Register here.



Emerald Technology Venture, a cleantech investment pioneer, announced its investment in MentorAPM. ALN Organizational Member MentorAPM will expand the global implementation of its single-source cloud solution that connects assets, workforce, and data. While targeting water, wastewater, power generation, oil, gas, pulp, paper, and chemical processing industries, the software is applicable to all who are interested in optimizing performance and increasing lifespan of assets using risk-based rationale. Congratulations to Mentor APM President, Tacoma Zach, an ALN Senior Fellow, and Jennifer Zach, CMO and ALN Board of Directors Member.


Think Globally, Act Globally

ALN Senior Fellow, Marty Rowland, PhD is proudly representing ALN concepts of leadership and ideas at the 9th edition of the Science Summit around the 78th United Nations General Assembly on September 28, 2023 from 9 am – 12:30 pm ET. The Summit is addressing the role of science in attaining the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals we have previously highlighted in this newsletter. Mr. Rowland will address the need to reflect the stakeholder status of all relevant people when funding and implementing low carbon solutions in a circular economy. Stakeholder inclusion is a key premise of ISO 55001. Register at the link above.

Upcoming Events

September 28 – ALN Th@3 pm ET – Brandon Kriner, Director, CGI, ALN Patron Member discusses the new whitepaper making the link between Physical Asset Management and Financial Reporting for Federal Agencies.

September 31 to October 4 – MentorAPM will be exhibiting at the WEFTEC water productivity technology at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

October 19 – ALN Th@3 pm ET – ALN AiBrainSTORM – TreeSTORM will address treating trees as assets and linking the measurable value of trees to a fictional cryptocurrency to show how proper asset management can generate value beyond the initial gains of proper systems thinking.

October 26 – Airports Asset Leadership Board (Preview) – ALN Th@3 
Jennifer Mims, Director, Asset Management, Jacobs and Bryan Oldham, Senior Director, Asset Management, Denver International Airport. 

November 9 – Airports Asset Leadership Board – ALN Th@3
Jennifer Mims, Director, Asset Management, Jacobs, facilitating a panel discussion to kick off the new Board. Panel includes: Bryan Oldham, Senior Director, Asset Management, Denver International Airport, and more.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to