Newsletter 27 December 2022

Auld Lang Syne = Old Times Past

Well, another year has passed and we have another year of newsletters, ALN Th@3 pm ET, web summits, and videos of an in-person event at the National Academy of Sciences. One year doesn’t necessarily constitute Auld Lang Syne…but we do have all of this year’s content sorted, highlighted, and available at the hyper links above.

All of this excellent content is possible due the generous support of ALN Patron Members, ALN Organizational Members, and ALN Sole Practitioner Members. It is also possible because ALN Director, Technology, Nick Knoke is superb at capturing the excellent content of our distinguished guests, keynote speakers, panelists, and participants. The work Mr. Knoke does is indispensable to the ALN’s mission of “Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership.”

Thank you for all of the generous feedback we have received this year indicating that we are making a difference in the U.S. and throughout the world. We are continuing the dynamic, open discussions on the theme of “Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership” this Thursday December 29th as part of a special month of ALN Th@3 pm ET. David Brewer, Senior Asset Management Consultant, Advisory Services, Federal and Environmental Solutions, Jacobs, and a retired USAF Colonel, will be our featured guest this week. We apologize for mistakenly listing Mr. Brewer as speaking last week. To join the conversation click the button below, or signup on our website.


Definitive Logic Delivers Outcomes at the Intersection of Business Processes and Technology


We are getting an early start on promoting Peader Duffy as our special guest to kick-off the 2023 ALN Th@3 pm ET program series on January 5th. Mr. Duffy is Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management and represents Ireland on ISO’s technical committees for Risk Management (TC 262) and the Governance of Organizations (TC 309). His work for the Governance committee resulted in a presentation explaining Value Creation and Value Preservation resonated with ALN CEO and Founder Jim Dieter as an excellent way to describe the new concept of “asset leadership” relative to the intrinsically important and well-established “asset management.”


Dave Barry’s Year in Review

Treat yourself to an end-of-year laugh with Dave Barry’s annual Year in Review. It’s important to address critical issues of asset management, but it’s also important to maintain a sense of humor – about everything. Mr. Barry’s annual essay always provides a laugh or two or three. Enjoy.


A New Year’s Resolution: Buy ISO 55K

There are many structures for asset management. But if your organization does not have a copy of ISO 55000, 55001, and 55002 on your reference shelf, you are missing out on having a core document at your fingertips to reference items that can help you gain perspective on issues such as risk, continual improvement, monitoring, measuring, analysis, and evaluation in context of your entire enterprise. The package of 3 standards can be purchased from the ANSI website at this link.

55K Talk with Jennifer Zach, CMO for ALN Member Organizations MentorAPM and Uberlytics

Ms. Zach, points to the 4 principles of asset management listed in ISO 55000 – Value, Alignment, Leadership, and Assurance, but focuses on Alignment. Ms. Zach says, “Alignment is critical to a comprehensive asset management system. It requires you to involve all departments and focus on a common goal. When you know you have alignment, you can have confidence in achieving intended outcomes.”

If you have a favorite section of the ISO 55K Series please email your selection with a short comment to We will collect the comments and publish them together in 2023.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 5, 2023 ALN Th@3 Kick off Spectacular with Peader Duffy, Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management. We are calling this a “Spectacular” event because Mr. Duffy has developed a way of describing asset leadership that Jim Dieter has not seen before. You will not want to miss this discussion, which will likely go into extra-time, so schedule your day accordingly.  Register Here