Newsletter 29 November 2022

Please join us on December 1 as we start a special month of ALN Th@3 pm ET focused on “Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership.” We will have hour-long programs that address how intentional policy, strategy and tactics contribute to dramatic improvements in achieving organizational mission success.

December ALN Th@3 pm ET schedule:

December 1 will feature three ALN Board Members highlighting their experience with successful asset management policy and strategy. Jim Dieter, Jack Kelly, and Jack Dempsey will be featured.

December 8 we will have a panel Canadian policy and strategy that is beginning to influence asset management in the U.S. Chris Chen, Executive Director, Asset Management Ontario will be a featured presenter. Ashay Prabhu, Founder of Assetic, will join the panel.

December 15 will include discussion with key authors of the Portland, Oregon Asset Management Policy that was impacted by the ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Management Board. Chris Silkie and Shannon Reynolds from the City of Portland, Oregon will be featured.

December 22 will include an open discussion on outcomes influenced by policy…with a holiday party theme (speakers must wear holiday clothing on their upper body.)

December 29 will be a recap of highlights on Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership by selected attendees. Let us know if you are interested in participating in the recap session (and New Year’s Party.)


Definitive Logic Delivers Outcomes at the Intersection of Business Processes and Technology


Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; and Senior Expert, Asset Management, Jacobs; has been the steady hand on the rudder of the ALN since it was founded. But it is also good to remember that he is an international guiding force in shaping asset management standards and thought leadership on gaining value from a structured approach to asset management as Chair of the U.S. Delegation to ISO TC 251. His current focus includes increasing value from assets at state and local governments. We look forward to his insight on Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership in this week’s launch of special month of hour-long ALN Th@3 pm ET web programs.


Asset Retirement Obligations: Continued

Our recent piece Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs) encourage people to share additional information on the topic, so we are passing them along. Here is an article from Material Accounting on FASB ASC 410 on leases with AROs. Thank you to Richard Culbertson for that link. Iain Cranston, President of icInfrastructure, an ALN Organizational Member, sent a host of links to the Canadian approach to AROs. Included are the Municipal Finance Officers Association of Canada’s ARO page; an ARO guide from Canadian accounting firm MNP; and another ARO guide from BDO Canada, an international accounting firm. There is much to learn from these sources even if you are not operating in Canada. Thank you Iain.


Policy to Guide Outcomes

Because Jack Dempsey, Director, Definitive Logic, and Member, ALN Board of Directors, is speaking this Thursday, we are reviving his 55K Talk comments this week as our Ideas piece. Mr. Dempsey pointed out that ISO 55001 section 5 is focused on Leadership and that section 5.2 calls for leaders to establish a policy that can help obtain desired outcomes; provides a framework for success; and is committed to continual improvement, among other requirements. We look forward to his comments on Outcomes guided by Policy this Thursday at 3 pm ET.

If you have a favorite section of the ISO 55K Series please email your selection with a short comment to We will collect the comments and publish them together in 2023 and periodically after that.