Newsletter 3 January 2023

Happy New Year Everyone!

We get to start the year by announcing a new membership type – ALN Platinum Membership. ALN Platinum organizational membership get increased focus on their products and services through leadership demonstrations, workshops, training, and education. ONUMA, Inc. has become the first ALN Platinum Member. By proving funds, supporting ALN Industry Asset Leadership Boards and committing to revenue-generating education and training services, ONUMA, Inc. is assisting the mutual goal of rapidly deploying best practices to government and private organizations. The award-winning BIMStorm web-based workshop from ONUMA, Inc. will be used to help leaders understand how to use the constantly evolving array of tools and processes, including Artificial Intelligence, to improve asset management outcomes. See more below in People.

ALN Th@3 pm ET January 5, 2023 is starting with a special program with ALN CEO Jim Dieter talking with Peader Duffy, Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management.

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.



Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc., an ALN Platinum Member, will represent the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) in the ongoing series “Value and Benefits from Asset Management” on Tuesday February 7, 2023 at 4 pm Eastern. Mr. Onuma will be addressing the critical role information management plays in the asset management system for the 8 campuses of the LACCD, one of the most advanced Districts in the California Community Colleges system, which ONUMA, Inc. also serves. The information management system not only serves the day-to-day needs of the LACCD, but also roles up information to the state-wide system for budgeting and California funding allocations, making information a critical asset for ongoing operations.


Water Resources

David Totman is a thought leader for Innovyze, a division of Autodesk, and he is an ALN Senior Fellow. Mr. Totman informed us of the “One Water Blog” which has the subtitle, Because Every Drop Maters. This ongoing source of water and wastewater asset management insights and information currently features articles on transforming grass yard into water-saving gardens, wastewater planning, end-of-year water discussions, and more. Thank you Mr. Totman.


Avoid Technology Debt

Richard Culbertson, ALN Board of Directors Member and ALN Senior Fellow, alerted us to the New York Times article on Southwest Airlines’ failure to update an aging scheduling system. This asset management failure resulted in the recent holiday catastrophe that left hundreds of thousands of people stranded for days. Staff knew the system was inadequate, but leadership did not address the issue and there was a dramatic failure. While difficult to address, technology asset management is more and more critical to organizational and should be address in a proactive manner.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 5, 2023 ALN Th@3 Kick off Spectacular with Peader Duffy, Global ESG Practice Lead at Archer Integrated Risk Management. We are calling this a “Spectacular” event because Mr. Duffy has developed a way of describing asset leadership that Jim Dieter has not seen before. You will not want to miss this discussion, which will likely go into extra-time, so schedule your day accordingly.  Register Here