Newsletter 5 September 2023

Daniel Platz, the United Nations’ asset management leader was not able to participate in ALN Th@3 pm ET, but he will make his presentation this Thursday at 3 pm Eastern in a 1-hour, interactive program. Register at this link and see the infrastructure papers he has helped write below in People.


Definitive Logic is a management and technology consulting firm known for delivering outcomes and ROI for agencies’ most complex business challenges.


Richard Culbertson has performed many roles for the ALN. He is co-founder, an ALN Senior Fellow, and he is on the Board of Directors. Now he has become the ALN Finance Committee Chair. Thank you Rich for all that you have done and what you have agreed to do.


Daniel Platz, has degrees in Economics and has participated in writing a number of United Nations papers on infrastructure investment including:
– Infrastructure finance in developing countries—the potential of sub-sovereign bonds read more
– Financing small-scale infrastructure investments in developing countries read read more
– Moving Beyond the Privatization Debate: Different Approaches to financing Water and Electricity in Developing Countries read more

Register for ALN Th@3 pm ET at this link.


Check out the PEMAC Conference

PEMAC is a Canadian asset management maintenance non-profit with its annual MAINTAIN conference September 11 – 13 in Winnipeg. The event is both virtual and in-person, so there is no need for last minute travel plans. And just reviewing the program can provide an understanding of topics to consider for your asset management continual improvement. See at the program at this link.

Upcoming Events

September 7 – ALN Th@3 pm ETDaniel Platz, PhD. United Nations Senior Economic Affairs Officer/ DCF Team Leader guided the creation of the UN’s Managing Infrastructure Assets for Sustainable Development: A Handbook for Local and National Governments. Mr. Platz will have a web discussion on his background, the background of the Handbook, and how it has been implemented in many countries.

September 14 – ALN Th@3 pm ETChristina Benty, Founder and President, Strategic Leadership Solutions was Mayor of Golden, British Columbia and earning her Masters of Art in Leadership at the same time. She now consults and has a focus on culture and human behavior issues related to asset management. Her company has joined the ALN at just the right time as we start to explore the human side of asset management. Please join us so we can give a warm welcome to the very accomplished Ms. Benty, who has given TEDx presentations. Register at this link.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to