Newsletter 6 December 2022

Please join us on December 8 as we continue a special month of ALN Th@3 pm ET focused on “Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership.” We will have hour-long programs that address how intentional policy, strategy and tactics contribute to dramatic improvements in achieving organizational mission success.

December ALN Th@3 pm ET schedule:

December 8 we will have a panel on Canadian legislation, policy and strategy that is beginning to influence asset management in the U.S. Chris Chen, Executive Director, Asset Management Ontario will be a featured presenter. Ashay Prabhu, Founder of Assetic, and Jennifer Zach, CMO MentorAPM, ALN Board of Directors Member and Canadian citizen will join the panel.

December 15 will include discussion with key authors of the Portland, Oregon Asset Management Policy that was impacted by the ALN Advancing Equity with Asset Management Board. Chris Silkie and Shannon Reynolds from the City of Portland, Oregon will be featured.

December 22 will include an open discussion on outcomes influenced by policy…with a holiday party theme (speakers must wear holiday clothing on their upper body.)

December 29 will be a recap of highlights on Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership by selected attendees. Let us know if you are interested in participating in the recap session (and New Year’s Party.)


Definitive Logic Delivers Outcomes at the Intersection of Business Processes and Technology


Chris Chen, Executive Director, Asset Management Ontario, has been a guest on ALN Th@3 pm ET and will be back this week for the “Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership” program focused on Canada. Mr. Chen has an accounting background, was a municipal treasurer and has worked in Ontario’s municipal sector for more than a decade. He is familiar with the importance of financial outcomes and will address the Canadian and Ontario legislation for municipal asset management that is intended to assist improvement in outcomes. Register at this link.


2022 Energy Grid Failures

Dr. Dorothy Robyn turned us on to Microgrids as a path to meeting growing energy needs in the U.S. – and around the world. Ms. Robyn also alerted us to the highly informative Microgrid Knowledge newsletter, which has an article listing some of the major electrical grid failures of the year, starting with the recent shooting of transformers that disrupted power to more than 40,000 in North Carolina. Understanding microgrids as part of our energy future is an important asset management strategy that can help avoid asset management failures. While the ALN focuses on success stories, we are starting to think we need to emphasize the risk of failure to get appropriate attention for proper asset management. See below.


Address Infrastructure Problems Before Disaster Strikes

The Pittsburgh, PA Fern Hollow Bridge looks to be rebuilt by the end of this year, according to a local new source, Trib Live. The bridge collapsed in January and the expedited construction effort by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is to be applauded. But proper asset management could have avoided the cost, disruption, and threat to human life caused by the collapse. The upcoming infrastructure investment will help avoid other disasters like this, but will it be “Building Back Better” or just “Building Back the Same?” Thank you to Richard Culbertson, ALN Board of Directors Member for keeping us up to date on this issue.

55K Talk with Lindsay Ziegler, President, Andrew James Advisory Group

Ms. Ziegler had so much fun sharing a favorite section of the ISO 55K series of asset management standards a couple of weeks ago, she submitted another.

“Here’s another of my favorite sections, and one that, if followed, can prevent a number of issues. ISO 55001 Section 8.3 deals with outsourcing. There are many aspects to outsourcing that must be considered, but first and foremost, be aware that outsourcing a task doesn’t abrogate your asset management responsibilities. Outsourcing contracts must contain clear demarcation of duties. They should also be clear about which asset management tasks are included in the subcontractor’s responsibilities. Among other items, it’s important to ensure that the subcontractor documents their activities in a form that is usable for the organization. It is the organization’s obligation to ensure that the tasks are being completed as contracted. And be sure to specify what happens at the end of the contract to ensure that valuable organizational information isn’t lost.”

If you have a favorite section of the ISO 55K Series please email your selection with a short comment to We will collect the comments and publish them together in 2023.