Newsletter 6 June 2023

School is ending for traditional students, but continuing education students are getting more opportunities to improve their Asset Leadership skills. We are happy to be increasing our educational offerings with special association partnership web programs, innovative combination events, and a look at water asset management in Australia from Tacoma and Jennifer Zach of MentorAPM and Uberlytics in this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET. See more below and register at this link.

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Tacoma and Jennifer Zach are the dynamic leaders behind MentorAPM and Uberlytics, ALN Organizational Members that help organizations build water and wastewater asset management systems and provide the supporting software to run them. A client in Australia and an opportunity be with their local partner, UNGANCO, at the OzWater annual conference brought them “down under.” Their client in Queensland exposed them to universal problems and the consistent solutions to asset management issues. Learn from their experiences at this week’s ALN Th@3 pm ET. Register here.


Building Calgary

Well…not exactly. But our special combination of Steve Wyton, Asset Management Planning, Calgary on ALN Th@3 pm ET June 29 and ALN’s ONUMA, Inc. and CDV Systems in a presentation focused on a high-rise apartment BIM (Building Information Model) is a unique opportunity to learn about city needs and asset management solutions. Calgary has many asset management initiatives, including a successful plan to add high-rise apartments in the downtown area. Learn from Calgary’s asset management leadership. Then learn about ways to maximize value from dramatically improved information asset management through a building’s entire lifecycle. Learn more about the event at this link.


Value from Transportation AM

The ALN has been proud to co-facilitate the Value and Benefits from Asset Management with the Australian Asset Management Council. We are expanding our typical template presentation with a special web program titled “Determining Value Realization in a Transportation Organization.” Representatives from Transport for New South Wales and KBR will be presenting, discussing and taking questions from the audience on Wednesday 28 June at 6 pm Eastern. Register at this link.

Upcoming Events

June 8 ALN Th@3 pm ETJennifer Zach is Marketing & Sales at MentorAPM where Tacoma Zach is Co-Founder

June 28 Wednesday 6 pm ET – Value and Benefits from Asset Management, web panel co-produced with the Asset Management Council.

June 29 ALN Th@3 pm ET – Steve Wyton, Manager, Asset Management Planning for the City of Calgary

June 29 at 4 pm ET – Onuma Inc. and CDV Systems will showcase their combined capabilities to deliver dramatically improved building information to owners.

The Andrew James Advisory Group provides ISO 55000 consulting services, and 2023 training the following dates: 
– July 17 – 28
– September 18 – 29
– November 6 – 17

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