Newsletter 7 March 2023

Our Australian Asset Management colleague, Peter Kohler, informed us that the U.S. DoD was instrumental in establishing the asset management systems approach that led Australia to become a leading country in this industry. But the U.S. commercial industry did not necessarily cash this asset management “Defense Dividend” as early as Australia did. This week’s newsletter shows how the thoughts and actions of people highly involved in the U.S. DoD are still leading us forward in different, but unified, ways.

One individual featured this week below in People, Deke Smith, will be our guest on ALN Th@3 pm ET on March 9, 2023. Register at this link.

And see more about NPMA’s Asset Management Awareness Month and ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education further below.

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Dana K. “Deke” Smith spent 36 years at the U.S. DoD as Chief Architect, Installations and Environment Transformation; Deputy CIO, Army Research Laboratory; Facilities Architect, and more. During that time he was also involved in the National Institute of Building Sciences for 30 years and was the “father” of the U.S. CAD standard and the U.S. BIM standard. He is now Executive Director of the Academic Interoperability Council where is helping establish consistent, effective technical design curriculum for higher education institutions around the world to ensure issues such as Total Cost of Ownership and Asset Management are issues students are familiar with before they practice in the real world. “Deke” is familiar with ALN BIMStorm activities and will provide a unique insight on how these virtual project workshops assist continuing education and higher education.


ALN BIMStorm – A Legacy

Jack Dempsey is very active these days. The ALN Board of Directors Member, ALN Senior Fellow, and retired USCG Commander has launched his company’s Asset Management Partnership newsletter on LinkedIn and this week’s issue addresses Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, and Asset Management. “Asset management activation requires a purpose-filled asset management system to focus on value, it requires a digital twin as a means of delivery, and it requires AI cognition to generate feedback and insights needed to risk-inform decision making frameworks to achieve what the organization values.” He challenges leaders to think about using the advanced tools that are rapidly evolving all around us to improve organizational mission outcomes. Learn what Mr. Dempsey thinks is the appropriate way to combine evolving tools on March 22, 2023 at 4 pm in the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education, which demonstrates how to use Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence in an Asset Management System. Register here.


Play Games to Explore Challenges

The National Academies’ Gulf Research Program gaming activities are featured this week on the organization’s news page. The goal is to explore “oil spill preparednessresilient infrastructure, and the nation’s energy transition.” Military gaming planners were brought in to explore potential scenarios and explore opportunities to achieve desired outcomes in the face of constantly changing conditions. “We build analytic games about learning something rather than winning, finding ways to share and leverage the expertise of everyone in the room. The game is a process to analytically produce a product at the end of the experience rather than a competition to achieve a goal,” said Jeremy Sepinsky, lead wargame designer at the Center for Naval Analysis, an independent, nonprofit organization that designs, facilitates, and analyzes wargames for agencies and military commands. The same could be said about ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education. Participate in an ALN gaming activity by registering at this link.

Upcoming Events

ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education
Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern

All are invited to participate in the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education to learn how an advanced governance system for assets can guide the use of ever evolving tools and processes. In a powerful demonstration of current capabilities, a series of learning opportunities will be focused on planning a temporary women’s health clinic to be “landed” on the campus of Ankara, Turkey. Asset management principals and fundamentals will be demonstrated through interactive workshops. Funds will be collected to support United Nations earthquake response efforts. Please register at this link.

Schedule Overview
Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern

March 15 – Planning Session – Invitation only

March 22 – Public Presentation with Kimon Onuma and Jack Dempsey

March 29 – Earthquake Relief Considerations based on March 22 activities – Donation Required

April 5 – Planning session – open invitation

April 12 – Final Public Presentation with Kimon Onuma and Jack Dempsey

For more information email

Asset Management Awareness Month is intended to urge businesses and organizations to learn how improved asset and property management practices can contribute to the overall mission and revenue goals of their organization.  Asset Management Awareness Month is a perfect reminder for organizations to evaluate their asset management support. The month also encourages all organizations to consider the value of asset management.

NPMA invites all members of the asset management community to participate in and share free webinars, receive helpful tips, and gain the knowledge to spread awareness about the value of asset management throughout their organization.

NPMA 2023 Asset Management Awareness Month Event Schedule

Free Webinars

Basics of Fleet Management for Property Managers
Thursday, March 2 at 1 PM EST
Presented by Scott Wold, TechSystems, Inc.

Why Automation Is Important for Property Managers
Wednesday, March 8 at 1PM EST
Presented by Peter Collins, A2B Tracking

Electric Vehicles
Wednesday, March 15 at 1PM EDT
Presented by Eric L. Brown, Sr., CPPM, CF, Department of Homeland Security

Essential Aspects & Keys to Success in a Diverse Work Environment
Wednesday, March 22 at 1PM EDT
Presented by Ivonne Bachar, CPPM, CF, Stanford University

The Importance of ‘Understanding’ in Property & Asset Management
Wednesday, March 29 at 1PM EDT
Presented by Dr. Douglas Goetz, CPPM, CF

Details and registration information are available here.

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