A Road Map Webinar – High Performance Organizations and ISO 55000

Becoming a High Performance Organization Using ISO 55000

A Road Map Webinar

A dynamic, interactive webinar will highlight key points from a breakthrough White Paper that provides a path to dramatic benefits from the ISO 55000 management system for asset management.

Wednesday 26 September 2018 – 1 pm Eastern – Register Now!

The benefits of using the ISO 55000 management system for asset management will inform webinar attendees about the sound foundation, anticipated results and first steps for implementation of the system.

The webinar will focus on key points in the “Asset Management in High Performance Organizations” white paper co-written by the Asset Leadership Network and 4tell Solutions.

The main benefits of ISO 55000 can be summarized as: helping organizations achieve their stated goals in a more reliable manner and optimizing investments to support goals.

These benefits are achieved because the system:

– Align business goals and objectives across the organization to break down silos;

– Apply transparent and consistent decision making rules reliably and uniformly;

– Make risk-based decisions from a position of knowledge; and,

– Ability to see long-term, strategic lifecycle view.

Other benefits listed include reduced capital costs, reduced operational costs and improved reliability.

Case studies from the paper will be discussed.

Subtitled “A Roadmap to High Performance: ISO 55000 and a Management Systems Approach to Asset Management,” the white paper’s principle authors are Jack Kelly, ALN Senior Fellow for Federal Programs, and Michael Hardy, 4tell Solutions, Vice President, Public Sector and ALN Senior Fellow for State and Local Government.

Kelly and Hardy will be joined by executives from 4tell Solutions and the Asset Leadership Network to describe the benefits of exploring the paper and developing the confidence, strategy and tactics to gaining improve organizational performance.

Citing ISO 55000 “shall statements” as guideline questions for teams to answer collectively, the White Paper provides a pathway for teams to gain these significant benefits.

Obtain the “Asset Management in High Performance Organizations” white paper and related documents from the following websites: