Shahid Shah Accepts Asset Leadership Impact Award

Shahid Shah ALN ImpactShahid Shah spoke at the National Press Club during the Asset Leadership Network’s 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards (left).

He was a team member on the 2015 Federal Agency Collaboration Asset Management Impact Award winning FED iFM and SEPS2BIM pilot projects involving the DepartmentMAX Team Impact Awards of Defense – Defense Health Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Navy NAVFAC and the Office of Management and Budget. (right)

As Chief Architect of, Mr. Shah has been a key partner in developing and expanding the use of authentication capabilities.

Mr. Shah revisited his award speech with the ALN’s Communication Team Leader, Michael Bordenaro.


Below are the highlights of Mr. Shah’s comments from the 2015 Asset Leadership Impact Awards Dinner.

“I am excited about ALN for three key reasons. One is the “L” in ALN – which stands for the most important thing here – leadership.

Leadership matters and any organization that is willing to get people together and help develop that leadership must be supported.

The second reason I am excited is the “Vision” ALN supports. When you have the right leaders, the vision is usually big but also achievable. If leadership has the same shared vision it is then about everyone winning together.

And winning means impact – that is what Jim Dieter has been espousing – “ALN is about Impact.”

“Impact” is the third reason I am excited about ALN. Impact can be significant if it happens during the tenure you are at a government agency, institution or any entity.

There many benefits that come from sharing things, but sometimes these things take so long to happen, we never get to see the fruits of those labors.

The good news is – there are Impact Award Winners here who have shown the leadership, established the vision, and picked some small wins with high impact and to see it happen while they are there so they can begin to get that ball rolling and have it get bigger and bigger while they are there. started about 7 years ago with a small idea about a line of business for a couple of thousand people. Seven years later there are over 150,000 users – dozens of applications, all made available in a shared services approach.

There are systems available today that were not conceivable just a few years ago. Systems that Federal Agencies can use for free – things like Shared Authentication. These systems allow you to do things like share files – which seems so mundane but so important. The systems provide workspaces where you can work together and share ideas – workspaces where you can collect data, analyze it and present it back to your leadership, back to your teams.

From the OMB perspective, we are thrilled to support the vision of the Department of Defense Health Agency and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but more importantly, we are hoping the sharing goes beyond the government. is a professional social site for people in and around government where people connect with each other. They are one of the first groups that are not government, but are using a shared service from government known as MAX Authentication to authenticate those government users. Because if government users are connecting, they might as well use a government authentication system. That is one simple example – there are dozens of other examples – for commercial, government, quasi government and partnered approaches to using what already exists.

The modern government of today is not the government of 10 – 15 years ago. Professionals who are new to the workforce have been in shared collaborative environments for years, they want to work together in dynamic ways that have impact.

So what we are hoping is that ALN with its leadership and focus on impact can start to catalogue these successes – start to share – to give evidence that it is indeed possible to do all of this. Because only when we all agree that it is possible will we go beyond the dinner and the social settings to say, “Let’s go make something next Monday that we didn’t have the last Monday.”

If there is anything you need from us on the MAX side – we are happy to help.

Of course Kimon Onuma is one of our biggest cheerleaders. He knows us pretty well and if there is anything you need, you can pass it through him and he will get it to us

I want to thank Jim Dieter and the Asset Leadership Network – you don’t know what a big deal it is to have somebody from OMB to be sitting here for this long – this is important – that is why Phil Wegner from OMB is here – yesterday Andy Schoenbach spent time with you. So what we are doing here is important to build leadership, share the vision and make an impact.”