ALN Newsletter 21 June 2022

In last week’s edition on ALN Th@3 pm ET, we were remiss not to mention the pivotal roll of Nick Knoke, ALN Director, Technology. Mr. Knoke has been the technical foundation of the program, has edited excellent highlight videos from the programs, and provides numerous critical services for the ALN.  He also trained ALN Technical Consultant Kevin Decker to step up and provide production support and editing. Many thanks to Nick and Kevin! A virtual CAMPUS for Asset Management (...

ALN Newsletter 14 June 2022

red head
The Asset Leadership Network responded to the start of the 2020 Pandemic by publishing a weekly web newsletter and launching the weekly ALN Th@3 pm ET web discussion. We are now responding to moving out of the Pandemic by planning a combination of web and in-person events in Washington, D.C. in September and November 2022. We are also taking a break from the ALN Th@3 pm Eastern web program until after the Fourth of July - but we are highlighting some of the more than 75 programs below. ...

ALN Newsletter 7 June 2022

The Government Finance Officers Association’s first in-person conference in 2 years started in Austin, Texas on Sunday with Chief Executive Chris Morrill relating a story about how his wife and he were among the first Peace Corps workers into Ukraine in the early 1990s after The Wall came down. Dressed in the winter clothing "uniform" of the former Soviet region, locals still saw they were Americans because of the light of freedom in their eyes. Mr. Morrill then encouraged the audience to remem...