ALN Newsletter 25 October 2022

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Advancing Outcomes with Asset Leadership is a month of web programs starting December 1, 2022. We will start with a special hour-long edition of ALN Th@3 pm ET featuring ALN Board Chair Jim Dieter, and ALN Board Members Jack Kelly and Jack Dempsey (Mildred Chua?) discussing documents that help leaders set policy, establish strategy, and implement tactics that drive government organizational impact. The rest of the month will feature web programs including, ALN Th@3 guests focused on advanci...

ALN Newsletter 18 October 2022

We are pleased that Iain Cranston, President and Founder of new ALN Organizational Member icInfrastructure, has recovered from an illness and will join us for ALN Th@3 pm ET on Thursday 20 October. See more below in People All video content and presentations from “A Culture of Value – Sustainable Infrastructure” are now at this link. See more below in Ideas and Sources. ALN Th@3 Registration The Andrew James Advisory Group is Offering A55K Professional Certification C...