Concluding Webinar Highlights

The 2017 Federal Asset Management Implementation webinar series concluded with the announcement of many new initiatives that continue the momentum of improved Federal asset management.

The series launched and concluded at the National Academies’ Keck Center with web broadcasts and in-person attendance. Many thanks to the Federal Facilities Council for co-hosting both the opening and concluding webinars.

More than 20 speakers participated in the 9 webinars. Attendees numbered in the hundreds and were high-level executives from government, associations and private industry. More than 90 percent stayed through the entire webinar they attended. Links to recordings of all webinars are at:

Presenting at the concluding webinar were James Sadler, USACE Civil Works asset management assistant program manager; Cameron Oskvig, Director of the National Academies’  Federal Facility Council,; Dr. William Rowe, Jr., principal with Booze Allan Hamilton; and, Jim Dieter, Executive Director, Asset Leadership Network.

The concluding webinar on 1 June 2017 saw the announcement of:

– Federal Asset Management Community of Interest;

– Federal Facilities Council study on facilities renewal assisted by standards;

– Federal Asset Management Week 13 – 17 November 2017;

– Insulated Concrete Form Manufacturers Association work with the ALN on an ISO 55000 template; and,

– BIMStorm webinars with a focus on Risk Management starting 6 June 2017

The Federal Asset Management Community of Interest was announced by William Rowe. BAH and ALN are volunteering to coordinate distribution of the Federal Asset Management Roundtable After Action Report and manage an All Partners Access Network Federal project management web site for governments, associations and private industry volunteers. For a digital copy of the report and to be invited to the project management website, send an email

Cameron Oskvig said the Federal Facilities Council is sponsoring a study to assist the renewal of Federal facilities based on standard policies and practices. Standards, including ISO 55000 asset management system, the ISO 44000 facility asset management system and the ANSI Total Cost of Ownership standard being developed may be part of the study. Discussion will be held in June 2017 to initiate the study. Contact Cameron Oskvig at

The BIMStorm, an online brainstorm using Building Information Models, is focused on facility asset management. Federal pilot work funded through the National Institute of Building Sciences is being explained and demonstrated. Interested parties can participate in sharing asset data through the entire lifecycle of a project to the benefit of multiple stakeholders. Healthcare equipment and manpower requirements can be related to facility spaces shown in 3D images that change over time. Register for the BIMStorm at:

The collaborative work with the Insulated Concrete Form Manufacturers Association and the Asset Leadership Network indicates the ability for associations to identify their place within the ISO 55000 universe of asset management. Association executives interested in establishing their place with the ISO 55000 matrix being established by the Asset Leadership Network and learning how this can benefit the Federal Asset Management Community of Interest can contact Michael Bordenaro at

The 2017 Federal Asset Management Week will feature one day co-hosted by the Federal Facility Council and may feature a second day co-hosted by the National Academies’ Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment. A sponsor is being sought to host a half-day session featuring the Federal Asset Management Implementation Work Group results and a keynote speaker.