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We’re pleased to bring you the first edition of the Asset Leadership Network newsletter. We are committed to bringing you regular news and resources that will help you bring asset management leadership to your organization. We promise to respect your inbox and your time – and we welcome your insights and suggestions about resources to share. 

The Asset Leadership Network is more than a trade organization. We are the extension of life-long relationships. We are a community. . . a family of people dedicated to making things better for everyone. We hope you and yours fair well during the pandemic.  

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COVID-19 Action Plan BIMStorm Executive Training

We are pleased to announce that ONUMA, Inc. has become a 2020 Leadership Member and will provide ALN supporters special insight on the free “COVID-19 Action Plan BIMStorm” beginning this week to show ways to plan a field hospital using free web tools and processes.

Andrew James Advisory Group is creating a special, one-day Executive Training web program for leaders who want to use principals advocated in ISO 55000.


Use OMB Circular A-119 and ANSI’s Standards Strategy

To help set an organization’s path moving forward from today’s challenges, ALN Senior Fellow Richard Culbertson points to Office of Management and Budget “Circular A-119” on the use of consensus standards and the American National Standards Institute’s “U.S. Standards Strategy.
Culbertson says, “These documents are inspirational and aspirational for organizations, experts and people who care to change the world to for the better.”  


Daniel Mathews, Commissioner, GSA Public Building Service

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Commissioner Mathews granted CommArch magazine an interview about developments at the GSA Public Building Service. It is available at:    https://www.commarch.com/dan-mathews/