2019 Initiatives

The Asset Leadership Network is excited to build on a highly successful 2018.

Last year saw meaningful industry developments, including the landmark release of a GAO study on asset management, a dynamic 5th Asset Leadership Week and the launch of our A55K Professional Certification.

With support from new ALN member Grant Thornton, we are continuing critical work on the National Asset Leadership Strategy introduced in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center. We are facilitating short webinars on popular presentations from our annual event, providing more A55K Professional Certification opportunities and supporting a variety of member-led initiatives.

The A55K Professional Certification validates an individual’s knowledge and ability to participate in ISO 55000 implementations. Please check out the A55K Professional Certification web page for details.

A series of short webinars was postponed due to the Federal Government Shutdown. When we relaunch, we will start with an overview of the National Asset Leadership Strategy concept and development. Register here to be informed when the relaunch occurs. Other short webinars in the series will be on ALN White Paper topics, State and Local Government asset management, federal agency asset management and a webinar from the Government Accountability Office on their 19-57 asset management report.

Thank you for your continued interest in improved asset management and let us know how we can help meet your asset management needs.