2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy

It became obvious that in order gain benefits from a proven, international asset management structure, the U.S. would need a template National Asset Leadership Strategy for legislators and agency executives to adapt in support of their goals and mission success. With the strong support of ALN Organizational Member Grant Thornton, the ALN published a document and presented it to the Biden-Harris Transition Team, just as it presented asset management recommendations to the Trump-Pence Transition Team in 2016.

Learn how the 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy can allow all relevant stakeholders to participate in resolving asset management problems.

Panelists include:

  • Jim Dieter, ALN CEO
  • Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton
  • Ed Safdie, Director Grant Thornton
  • Jon Schneider, Manager at Grant Thornton Public Sector
  • Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member, and formerly with Office of Management and Budget for 36 years

This production is sponsored by the Andrew James Advisory Group.
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