ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. President Dominic Townsend to Present at 6th Asset Leadership Week

Dominic Townsend, President of ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc., will be a featured speaker at the 6th Asset Leadership Week in Washington, D.C. September 23 – 26, 2019. 

ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) is an accredited ISO 55001 certification body. Certification to ISO 55001 provides assurance to stakeholders that an organization has an effective management system in place for the management of its assets, and is monitoring and continually improving. ABS QE also certifies organizations to other international standards globally. ABS QE is the only certification body in the United States qualified to certify organizations to ISO 55001. 

Mr. Townsend will be speaking on two topics on September 24, 2019. First, he will be highlighting the value and benefits  of ISO 55001 certification. He will then join Gary Merrow, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation (AATC), Vice President of Facilities, in a discussion on the organization partnered to achieve certification for AATC operations. Their interactive discussion will provide actionable insights to other organizations seeking to benefit from asset management certification.

ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. is now a member of the Asset Leadership Network and will be providing guidance on how the non-profit can be more beneficial to those seeking to improve the value from their assets using a systematic approach.