Advancing Equity with Infrastructure Asset Leadership

Martin O’Malley is the former Governor of Maryland, the former Mayor of Baltimore, and author of “Smarter Government.” His book outlines successful processes he implemented in government, benefits generated for citizens of Baltimore and Maryland, and how governments can replicate the dramatic results. Gov. O’Malley will be addressing how infrastructure spending is crucial to advancing equity in the U.S.

A panel of executives from government and private companies will discuss Gov. O’Malley’s keynote and add their experience and knowledge to the topic.

Ben McAdams, former U.S. Congressman from Utah, former Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah, and Common Ground Institute, Founder; Hugh Sinclair, Division Manager. Asset Management at WSSC Water; David Totman, ALN Senior Fellow and American Society of Civil Engineers Liaison to ISO 55000; Cecilia Mowatt, Esq., President, Strategies In Site: Mildred Chua-Ulger, former NYC MTA, Director Enterprise Information and Asset Management