ALN Newsletter 13 April 2021

The ALN 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy will punctuate the ALN 2021 National Issues series with input from Grant Thornton today, April 13, at 4 pm. See more below and the register at this link.

This week’s ALN Th@4 pm ET April 15th will feature Bill Garrett, GSA, Director, Personal Property Management Policy, Office of Government-wide Policy in a chat with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO. Register at this link and, as usual, see more below in the People section.


Bill Garrett, GSA, Director, Personal Property Management Policy, Office of Government-wide Policy is a graduate of U.S. Naval Academy and has held personal property and policy positions with the U.S. Federal Government civilian agencies since 2009. He has worked with the Department of Commerce and the Department of Homeland Security. An active NPMA member, Mr. Garrett was the President of the Federal Center Chapter for 2 years. He has been at GSA for just over a year now.



The ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy (NALS) was established to suggest what a single policy and strategic approach to U.S. assets could look like. With assistance from Grant Thornton, it has evolved a taxonomy and processes that can be adopted by the U.S. Federal Government to dramatically increase value to the nation from our collective assets. The web program on the ALN NALS is the culmination of the 2021 National Issues series because it provides answers to many of the issues brought up in the series. Review the NALS at this link.


Acknowledge Need for Improved PPE Asset Management

While the ALN is working to encourage a National Asset Leadership Strategy, time does not have to be wasted in improving PPE asset management. A Government Executive magazine article reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledges that PPE shortages drove up the COVID-19 death toll. Consider using a coordinated approach based on a proven asset management structure to address what will likely be a long-term need for PPE asset management.

Upcoming Events

2021 National Issues – Tuesday Webinar Series

ALN 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy
Tuesday 13 April 4pm Eastern
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  • Ed Safdie, Director, Grant Thorton
  • Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton
  • Jack Kelly, ALN Board of Directors Member and formerly with OMB for 36 years
  • Jim Dieter, ALN CEO
  • Jonathan Schneider, Manager at Grant Thornton Public Sector


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April 15 –

Bill Garrett, GSA

April 22 –

Dominic Townsend, ABS Quality Evaluations

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Dr. Annette Kampf-Dern

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Malak Bahrami, Fairfax County Park Authority