ALN Newsletter 14 December 2021

The ALN Roundtable: Sustainability and Asset Management will be held this Wednesday 15 December 3 pm Eastern to address many issues, including the difference between sustainability and reliability. Please join an expert group of ALN supporters as they spark thinking, learning, and advanced understanding on how asset management can be used to help an organization sustain its mission success and help it contribute to the sustainable use of public assets such as clean water and clean air. 

Boyd Beal, Enterprise Asset Management Manager with EY Consulting will be the guest this week on ALN Th@3 pm ET. Register at this link.


Jack Dempsey, Director, Definitive Logic has done much to help connect the Asset Leadership Network to strategic people and institutions in Washington, D.C. So, it is appropriate that the ALN Board of Directors asked him to join them. It is our pleasure to announce that Mr. Dempsey has accepted and will begin participating in quarterly ALN Board of Directors meetings and in other Board activities.


ALN Español Reporting on ISO 55001 Certification

One of the best aspects of the ALN 2021 Conference was the strong support of ISO 55001 certification from our colleagues in Central and South America. One panel, in Spanish by Carlos Eduardo Albarici, Enel Distribuição São Paulo, Senior Specialist of Management System HSEQ – Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality, revealed the certification approach of Brazil’s Enel energy company. Another panel, in English, focused on the multiple ISO 55001 certifications of AES South America. Jorge Mores, Norm & Standards Manager, AES South America, provided insights and understanding on the value of ISO 550001 certification. Both panels were made possible by ALN Patron Member ABS Quality Evaluations. See the programs and highlights at this link.


Combine ISO 55000 with other Standards

ISO managements standards are established with consistent format to allow multiple standards to be used together in support of mission success. ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow, Richard Culbertson pointed out an article in the use of ISO 55000 and the ISO 14000 environmental management standard to better understand the environmental impacts of products and processes over their life cycles. Written by Drew Troyer, Principal with T.A. Cook and published in Sustainable Plant, the article can be found at this link.


Grant Thornton Advisory Services: Bold ideas for breakthrough business strategies

Upcoming Events

Every Thursday at 3pm Eastern

December 16

Boyd Beal, EAM Manager – EY Technology Consulting

The Reliability 4.0 Digital Transformation Conference
December 13 – 16

A worthwhile 2-minute introductory video by event organizer Terrence OHanlon is at this link. The video address why excellent companies address asset management.