ALN Newsletter 30 March 2021

Thank you for your support through the first full year of the ALN Newsletter. The highly positive response to the content is very encouraging. Please keep comments and suggestions coming!

The 2021 National Issues web program will continue today, March 30th at 4 pm with the ALN Senior Fellows 2021 Paths to Success. Six ALN Senior Fellows will present 2 slides in 5 minutes and have 1 minute of quick questions before a group discussion occurs. In “Overtime” we will open up the program for audience comments and questions. See more below and register at this link.

This week’s ALN Th@4 pm ET March 30th, will feature ALN Senior Fellow Michael Hardy in a chat with Jim Dieter, ALN CEO. Register at this link and, as usual, see more below in the People section.


Michael Hardy, A55K, is Asset Management Leader for Bureau Veritas – Buildings & Infrastructure Group. At Bureau Veritas, Mr. Hardy is providing strategic insights on cross-functional use of ISO 55000 in the national government. He will speak on the value of earning the ALN A55K Professional Certification and how ISO 55000 can be the centerpiece to organizational transformation. As an ALN Senior Fellow, Mr. Hardy focused on state and local government was solidified the ALN relationship with D.C. Government, so is appropriate that our other person featured today is Dr. Fitzroy Lee the new CFO of DC Gov.

Dr. Fitzroy Lee, was appointed the interim chief financial officer of DC Government in March 2021. He has been in the DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer for 20 years and is now the only Federal Employee in the DC Government. Learn more at this link. We welcome him to his new position and look forward to having him present on new initiatives that expand on the work of his predecessor, Jeff DeWitt. Mr. DeWitt is a strong supporter of the ALN and we look forward to hearing from him as the new CFO of Kansas University. (Go Jayhawks!)


Federal Real Property Association

The Federal Real Property Association will host an event with U.S. GAO Comptroller General Gene Dodaro and others on Friday April 16 from Noon to 1:15 ET. Focused on the GAO High Risk Report, the event will go into more detail on how the DOD support infrastructure management was removed from the High Risk Report this year. Also speaking will be Marianne Petty, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, DOD; Elizabeth Field, GAO Director; Keith Cunningham, GAO Assistant Director of Infrastructure; and representatives from the GSA. For more information, see this link.


Merge Higher Ed with Property Management

A web-based “Property & Asset Management Symposium” will be presented by the National Property Management Association and Cal Poly Pomona CBA on April 20, 2021 from 1 – 5:30 pm ET / 10 am – 2:30 pm PT. The Symposium will feature individual and paired presenters:

  • Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF;
  • Tom Ruckdaschel, CPPM, CF and Alex Mikhelson;
  • Dr. John Wyatt;
  • Ivonne Bachar, CPPM, CF;
  • Steven Holland, CPPM, CF, A55K, and Sabrina Nguyen, CPPS.

Register at this link. Just a couple weeks ago, Dr. Goetz was telling the ALN Th@4 ET audience that higher education is the future of asset management. Learn what is already happening in this area

Upcoming Events

2021 National Issues – Tuesday Webinar Series

ALN Senior Fellows 2021 Paths to Success
Tuesday 30 March 4 pm Eastern
Register Here

  • Jack Kelly, ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow – Federal Government Assets
  • Tacoma Zach, President, Uberlytics, ALN Senior Fellow – Water and Wastewater
  • Marty Rowland, ALN Senior Fellow – Municipal Standards
  • Art Kurland, Director, Capital and Asset Management, UHS, & ALN Senior Fellow – Hospitals
  • Mike Aimone, ALN Senior Fellow – Federal Facilities
  • Richard Culbertson, ALN Board Member and Senior Fellow – Utilities

Webinar Format

Bullet Point Presentations – 2 slides, 5 minutes

– Links to ALN Senior Fellow Web Pages for more detailed information
– ALN Senior Fellow Discussion
– Promote Attendees who want to discuss further
– Recorded for future reference

Register at this link.

2021 National Issues Continued

Tuesdays at 4 pm EasternRegister Here

April 6 –

Advancing Equity with Asset Leadership in 2021

April 13 –

ALN 2021 National Asset Leadership Strategy


Thursdays at 4 pm EasternRegister Here

April 1st –

Michael Hardy, Bureau Veritas

April 8th –


April 15th –

Bill Garrett, GSA