ALN Newsletter 6 July 2021

This week’s ALN Newsletter is truncated due to the Fourth of July Holiday that extended to July Fifth.

ALN Th@4 on July 8th will feature Bob Kaehler, long-time friend and colleague of ALN CEO Jim Dieter. Register at this link.


Bob Kaehler – what to say about Bob? Anyone who is a Board of Directors Member of both the National Property Manager’s Association and the Asset Leadership Network is highly dedicated to improving the value derived from assets. With the NPMA and ALN largely focused on federal asset management, Bob is a volunteer patriot sharply focused on the challenge of helping the United States of American gain increased value from its limited resources to generate greater value for tax payers.  Bob has focused on asset management software through the dominant Sunflower Systems, which was acquired by CGI, where Bob now works in the CGI Federal division.

Bob’s personal consulting company, Ascot Associates, was the first organizational member of the ALN before he closed it to focus on asset management software systems sales. He has an Economics undergraduate degree and an Economics Master from Pepperdine University. But the most important thing to know about Bob is that he is a great guy who is always willing to help with the bigger picture and serve the meaningful cause of improved asset management for the U.S. Federal Government. We look forward to hearing what he has to say in his chat with his long-time buddy, Jim Dieter. Register at this link.

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July 8 –

Bob Kaehler, Asset Management Leadership, Insights, and Expertise

July 29 –

Shelly Culbertson, Senior Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation