ALN Newsletter 14 March 2022

This is another special Monday morning edition of the ALN Newsletter to celebrate the ALN 2022 Winter Summit: Sustainable Value Creation from Infrastructure Asset Leadership this Tuesday and Wednesday March 15 & 16 starting both days at 1 pm Eastern. 

Tuesday 15 March
1:00 pm Eastern – Keynote Program: Michigan Infrastructure Council
2:00 pm Eastern – Continued discussion with other State and Local Executives
3:00 pm Eastern – National Academy of Sciences Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment
3:30 pm Eastern – U.S. Government Accountability Office Reports

Wednesday 16 March
1:00 pm Eastern – Panel: Learning from International Infrastructure Asset Leadership Success
2:30 pm Eastern – Transportation Asset Leadership Roundtable

The items below are all related to the Summit, which is focused on how to get the greatest value from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) through the creation of rules and regulations that address the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure assets of the U.S. 


Jack Dempsey is Director, Definitive Logic, ALN Board of Directors Member, ALN Senior Fellow, and most importantly this week, member of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (BICE). Mr. Dempsey connected the ALN to the National Academy of Sciences. He helped connect the ALN to the U.S. Government Accountability Office 19-57 report on Federal Real Property Asset Management. In the afternoon of Tuesday 15 March, he will be part of the NAS BICE presentation and explain the asset leadership implications needed by the U.S. to make the IIJA successful. He is followed by presentations from 4 U.S. GAO Directors – Infrastructure, Aviation, Road Surfaces, and Asset Management – and will join them in discussions after their presentations. Register at this link.


Reference MAP-21 Language in IIJA Rules

The Asset Leadership Network has heralded the MAP-21 transit funding bill for requiring an Asset Management Plan in order to receive federal money. The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act also established a $1 million fund for Asset Management Plan education and training for those needing assistance getting started. U.S. Federal Agencies will serve the nation well to include similar language in rules and regulations for distribution of IIJA funds. The Transportation Asset Leadership Roundtable on Wednesday afternoon will include discussion on this topic from experts on the legislation. Register at this link.


Michigan Infrastructure Council

The Michigan Department of Treasury established the Michigan Infrastructure Council to establish the “foundation for sustainability, public and environmental health, economic prosperity, and quality of life, including for future generations.” The Michigan Infrastructure Council provides free asset management education and training to anyone working on infrastructure in the State. It has also established the “Dig Once” data base for underground infrastructure to allow work to be done on all under-road utilities to be addressed at the same time instead of having to disturb traffic for each individual underground issue to be addressed. Every State in the U.S. … and all six Territories … could benefit from a similar Infrastructure Council. Register at this link.


Grant Thornton Advisory Services: Bold ideas for breakthrough business strategies

Sustainable Value Creation from Infrastructure Asset Leadership
March 15 & 16

The ALN 2022 Spring Web Summit will highlight the proven ways leaders of federal agencies, states, and local governments can work together to ensure the highest value is delivered to the nation through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
Register Here.

ALN 2022 Municipal Asset Leadership Web Series
April 13 at 3 pm Eastern

Bringing a World of Experience to U.S. Local Governments
Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management
Melissa Osborne, Senior Manager of Asset Planning, City of Windsor, Canada

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