ALN Newsletter 8 March 2022

This is the 100th Edition of the ALN Newsletter. Thank for your support. It’s time to have a naming contest. Email suggestions to

This week on ALN Th@3 Jim Dieter, ALN CEO and Mike Bordenaro, ALN Executive Director, talk about the content in 100 issues of the ALN Newsletter. Register at this link.

Learning from the City of Greater Geelong, Australia – Tuesday 8 March at 3 pm Eastern – Michelle Walker, City Manager, City of Greater Geelong, Australia continues the ALN 2022 Municipal Asset Leadership Web Series with an interesting mix of slides and discussion with Ashay Prabhu. See below for more information. See more on Ms. Walker below in People.


Michelle Walker, City Manager, City of Greater Geelong, Australia, started working in municipal asset management in 2009 after serving the Australian Federal Government, U.K. Highways Agency, and consulting on privatization and maintenance in the U.S. She has been responsible for the City of Greater Geelong Asset Management transformation for 3 years, during which the project won the Public Works Engineers 2022 Excellence in Asset Management Award. Ms. Walker will address the leadership required to impact governance, culture, data management, lifecycle and long-term planning for municipalities. The intersection of federal and local government leadership will also be addressed as part of continuing series on Tuesday 8 March – 3 pm Eastern. Register here.


Strategic Asset Management – Capital Planning

Ashay Prabhu, President and Founder, Assetic, provided what Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, said was an exceptional explanation of why asset management matters to the C-suite. The presentation also goes into what can be done, because Mr. Prabhu has integrated asset management and accounting into what he calls “Accountneering.” He has a breadth of experience in service to asset owners, and a dynamic advocate who works tirelessly for many benevolent organizations. He continues bringing asset management thought leadership to the ALN with a discussion with Michelle Walker, City Manager, City of Greater Geelong, Australia on March 8 – 3 pm Eastern. Register at this link.


Electric Utility Presentation Nominations

The ALN and the Australian Asset Management Council are focusing on Electricity Generation for the April 2022 program of the Values and Benefits from Asset Management web series. The ALN Electric Utility Asset Leadership Board is collecting nominations for the presentation on Tuesday 14 April at 3 pm Eastern. Email to recommend a presentation from Electric Utility that uses ISO 55K as has achieved measurable benefits and can share anecdotal asset management value creation stories.


Grant Thornton Advisory Services: Bold ideas for breakthrough business strategies

Upcoming Events

Every Thursday at 3pm Eastern

March 3

Richard Culbertson, ALN Board of Directors, and ALN Senior Fellow

How to Achieve Long-Term Success with IIJA
February 28 at 2pm Eastern

This Roundtable of noted experts will discuss ways to frame proven asset management best practices to ensure long-term value from the historic infrastructure funds to be expended in the United States of America. Register Here.

ALN 2022 Municipal Asset Leadership Web Series
Bringing a World of Experience to U.S. Local Governments

March 2 at 3 pm Eastern
How the U.S. can Benefit from International Approaches to Asset Management 
Ashay Prabhu, Founder and President of Assetic by Dude Solutions,

March 8 at 3 pm Eastern 
Learning from the City of Greater Geelong, Australia
Michelle Walker, City Manager, City of Greater Geelong, Australia

April 13 at 3 pm Eastern – Windsor, Canada
Four Questions that Transformed Municipal Asset Management
Melissa Osborne, Senior Manager of Asset Planning, City of Windsor

May 11 at 3 pm Eastern – Topeka, Kansas
Applying International Experience in the U.S.

Sustainable Value Creation from Infrastructure Asset Leadership
March 15 & 16

The ALN 2022 Spring Web Summit will highlight the proven ways leaders of federal agencies, states, and local governments can work together to ensure the highest value is delivered to the nation through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
Register Here.