ALN Newsletter 9 November 2021

The final line up for the U.S. Department of State web presentations has been determined! The presentations are on Wednesday 10 November from 8:30 am – 11 am followed by discussion session. Register at this link.  

Much of the success the ALN recommends building on is represented by the activities at State. We are very happy to facilitate the following presentations:

8:30 am Welcome from ALN and USCG Admiral (ret.) Thad Allen Opening Statements Recorded Message – Work that Admiral Allen initiated earlier this Century is being evolved at State.

9:00 am Dr. Deborah Schneider, Managing Director of Operations, A/OPR at U.S. Department of State – Real Property Asset Management at State.

10:00 am Victoria Hartke, Acting Principal Director, OBO; Tracy Thomas, Managing Director for Construction, OBO.

11:00 am Executive Discussion with Victoria Hartke and presenters.

Videos and highlights from Week 4 of reStructuring America are at this link. Registration for the remaining programs in Week 5 are linked here

Data-Driven Solutions
for Risk and Reliability


USCG (ret.) Admiral Thad Allen launched a mission-focused approach to asset management at the Coast Guard at the beginning of this Century. The direct results of his efforts are being evolved at the U.S. Department of State today. The asset management work Admiral Allen introduced included sharing of information from all asset categories in a secure, open standard format that allowed creation of digital twins for personal property, real property, infrastructure, fleet, and other asset categories. The information from all of these digital twins could be seen in a single dashboard that allowed decisions to be made in dramatically less time. The USCG asset management approach was refined by the DoD, VA, OMB, and Navy in a healthcare asset management project supported by the National Institute of Building Science. This team was granted an ALN Impact Award in 2016. We are honored to be connecting Admiral Allen’s visionary work to what is being implemented by the federal government today.


Lessons-Learned in Post-Pandemic Maintenance & Custodial Planning at
Los Angeles Community College District


Kimon Onuma, President of ALN Patron Organization ONUMA, Inc., was part of the USCG team that Admiral Allen lead two decades ago. He was part of the team that was recognized with an ALN Impact Award and he continues to work with the National Institute of Building Sciences to bring advanced, proven information management and visualization to the federal government and other asset owners. Last week, he made a presentation at a Los Angeles Community College conference demonstrating the latest evolution of the tools and processes that Admiral Allen helped launch many years ago. Today, people more readily understand the mobile, agile approach the USCG initiated to make the most of their limited asset management resources. See the presentation at this link.


Gain Value and Benefits from Asset Management

Now there’s an idea. And it is one that the Asset Management Council in Australia and the ALN are working on together by providing a series of case study presentations that all use the same format in order to establish a standardized portfolio of success stories that owners can read, understand, and use as a basis for making value-based decisions to improve their asset management outcomes. The U.S. Air Force and Australia’s Brisbane International Airport will be featured. This second program will be today Tuesday 9 November at 4 pm Eastern in the U.S. If you have registered, you will receive a link from the Asset Management Council. You can still register at:

ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help our clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations.

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2021 ALN reStructuring America – Building on Success

If you haven’t signed up for the remaining presentations and reports from federal executives, industry sector panels, and roundtable discussions, see more at this link.