ALN Newsletter April 7 2020

All of us at ALN hope you and yours are healthy and keeping safe.

While you are working from home, the ALN website has freely available information to learn more about ISO 55000, work teams can take a 2-week web class to earn an A55K Professional Certification together and next week we are starting a webinar series with co-sponsors.


Asset Leadership as Opposed to Asset Management

ALN CEO Jim Dieter has created a presentation that outlines how Asset Leadership is different than Asset Management. ISO 55000 defines Asset Management as “coordinated activity” to gain value from assets. Dieter’s presentation shows that Asset Leadership is “directing the activities” to gain value from assets. A simple, but very important, distinction. The presentation also shows how Asset Leadership aligns strategy, tactics and operations to drive value from assets.


DC Government CFO Office Article

DC Government Office of the Chief Financial Officer has already volunteered to provide a webinar explaining how they used their asset management system to recalculate their 2020 budget and how that impacts capital investments and deferred maintenance projections. Learn how the Office of the CFO made dramatic asset management improvements in more than 80 departments in an article on the ALN website.


USCG Nathan Admiral Moore

USCG Rear Admiral Nathan Moore’s 2019 testimony to Congress specifically called out ISO 55000 as a tool the U.S. Coast Guard uses for managing assets to support personnel and families “in the face of natural and man-made threats.”

In 2020, it is worth mentioning again. It may seem too overwhelming to think about a new system at this time. But remember, the U.S. Coast Guard uses the world’s best asset management system specifically for use in challenging times.