ALN Newsletter September 29 2020

Michael Roussos, Hospital Administrator for the University Health System, the first healthcare organization in the U.S. to be certified as ISO 55001 compliant, has agreed to be our Keynote speaker for “Healthcare Asset Leadership in 2020 and Beyond” on Thursday 15 October at 1 pm Eastern.

ALN Th@4 – this Thursday 1 October at 4 pm Eastern will feature Jim Dieter, ALN CEO and Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications chatting about the highlights of the upcoming ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum. Get a preview of events you might want to see in full. Register here.


Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, is featured in the ASTM Standardization News this week. He quickly described how ASTM helped the NPMA get involved in development of the ISO 55000 management system for asset management. And now ASTM has approved a new asset leadership committee. Jim keeps all of these organizations and the amazing people in them tied together in meaningful ways. The ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum that he is overseeing has a wealth necessary information, including Jim’s opening keynote, which defines Asset Leadership – which is different than asset management, as this Newsletter has reported in the past. Register here.

Last week, we said Dr. Douglas Goetz is still teaching at the Defense Acquisition University in Dayton, Ohio. He is actually retired from there, but is in the DAU Hall of Fame and teaches through his company GP Consultants. Thank you to Steven Holland of LMI for the correction.


ALN 2020 Forum

With over a dozen web events scheduled for the ALN 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America from October 6 – October 22, there will be many ideas that can be put into immediate action. Our recommendation is to register for what is of most interest and keep an eye on this newsletter, which will be reporting Forum highlights for many weeks to follow.



The ALN National Asset Leadership Strategy is going to play a central role in the ALN 2020 Forum. So you might want read, or reread, the 2019 NALS to orient yourself to the taxonomy and the scope of the topic – we are talking about all the assets of the U.S. Federal Government. We are bold enough to say a single policy and strategy for all federal assets will bring great value to the nation. ISO 55000 already establishes the format for making this happen, even if it is on a very large scale.

Thank you for your interest in continuing to learn about ways to improve and for looking to this Newsletter for information that can help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.