October 6 – 23, 2020

Dynamic, engaging and necessary keynotes, special presentations, panels and more will inform attendees about the vital role asset leadership and asset management play in rebuilding organizations, including the U.S. Federal Government.

In the context of great complexity and unprecedented challenges, seemingly impossible issues will be shown as manageable within the context of a systematic approach to maximizing asset value.

The 2020 Asset Leadership Forum – reStructuring America – provides a series of web events with case studies, testimonials, instructions, immediately applicable guidance and insights for federal agencies and other asset owners interested in proven, repeatable approaches to a world of problems.

Live attendance gains:

  • Clear direction in complex conditions;
  • Lessons learned from successful projects;
  • Insights from executives implementing advanced asset management;
  • Clear benefits to be gained from achievable steps;
  • The possibility to interact with speakers, and more

Each 1 hour to 90-minute web event will feature a keynote, a topical presentation and panel discussion followed by chatted questions and answers.

Topics, listed below, include reStructuring Infrastructure, Addressing Asset Inequality with Asset Leadership, Federal Law Enforcement, Healthcare in 2020 and Beyond, ALN Español en Español and more.

Fill in your contact information once and check the web events you want to see live in October.

Comments, questions and insights generated from the web events will be included in documents for presentation to the 117th Congress and the 2021 Administration.