ALN Roundtable: Sustainability and Asset Management

ALN CEO Jim Dieter leads a discussion between experts on Sustainability and Asset Management to spark thinking, learning, and advancing understanding on how asset management can be used to help an organization sustain its mission success and help it contribute to the sustainable use of public assets such as clean water and clean air.

  • Jennifer Zach, CMO, Uberlytics, LLC;
  • Mary Adams, President, SmarterCompanies;
  • Prof. Dr. Annette Kämpf-Dern, Professor & Entrepreneurial Researcher, Sustainable Management of Built Environments, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences;
  • Malak Bahrami, P.E., CPPS, Asset Manager/ TCO at Fairfax County Park Authority;
  • Dr. Marty Rowland, ALN Senior Fellow;
  • Robert Lewis, Principal at Asset Management for Government;
  • David Totman, VP of Asset Management, Innovyze;