Short Videos Highlight Real Stories of Why Infrastructure Investment is Needed Now

*From the American Society of Civil Engineers Newsletter: Summer 2021*

Earlier this year as part of ASCE’s National Report Card launch, two videos were created to highlight the need to invest in infrastructure now. The first video, Below Our Feet, examines how a lead pipe replacement program in Pittsburgh is making a difference in at-risk communities. America’s drinking water infrastructure can often be out-of-sight, out-of-mind, but when lead infiltrates the water supply, we all take notice.

The second video, The Long Haul, demonstrates how infrastructure deficiencies can hamper local businesses. We often think about closed roads and bridges as a major inconvenience for our own daily commutes – but what about the impact this has on the local economy. In 2018, hundreds of Mississippi bridges closed down for safety precautions, which had major repercussions for farmers and their ability to deliver goods to market.

We encourage you to share these eight and nine minute videos with your contacts and on social media and use the hashtag #leadwithinfrastructure.