ALN offers A55K Professional Certification

The Asset Leadership Network now offers A55K Professional Certification to prepare individuals to effectively participate in an organization’s establishment and implementation of an ISO 55000 program. Organizations that have implemented ISO 55000 have found as much as 20 – 30 % improvement in the management of their assets.
Andrew James Advisory Group, is the first ALN organizational member approved to provide a training course that prepares candidates to be tested on the use and implementation of the ISO 55000 management system for asset management.
Marlene Millemaci, ALN A55K Professional Certification Director, led a team that created a test and reviewed the AJAG course material to validate it was appropriate for the test. The test was established independent of the content of the course.
Learn how A55K Professional Certification for key team members can help increase the chances for a successful organizational implementation of ISO 55000 by contacting Boyd Beal, Principal, Andrew James Advisory Group.