Asset Management Systems Approach to Planning Hospitals

In response to the 2020 pandemic, the ALN co-hosted a series of webinars and web-workshops to explain an asset management systems approach to planning field hospitals.

Co-hosted with the National Institute of Building Sciences, the activities replicated methods currently being used and refined by the U.S. Federal Government.

The webinars included insights and instruction from ALN member organization Onuma, Inc. President, Kimon Onuma; ALN Senior Fellow Art Kurland, Director of Capital and Asset Management with the University Health System, San Antonio, Texas; Roger Grant, Director of Building Information Management with the National Institute of Building Sciences and others.

The following videos are the record of the webinars and web workshops.

Promotion video

A 7-minute video to generate interest in BIMStorm at A Distance.

Introduction to BIMStorm at a Distance

30-minute overview of past BIMStorms and how BIMStorm at a Distance is planned to provide insight and demonstrations on web-based planning for field hospitals.

Webinar 1 – April 10, 2020

Planning for BIMStorm at a Distance for the record. Input from many stakeholders to shape planning and asset management activities.

Establishing Space Types for a Field Hospital

9-minute instructional video on how to use existing web tools to design a field hospital using an “Amazon shopping cart” approach to planning.

Workshop #1

A 90-minute demonstration of how current federal approaches to web-based healthcare planning can be used for field hospital. Working professionals contribute insights to planning and asset management approaches that can help with the full life cycle of the fictional field hospital that is planned.

PPE Web Workshop – Calculating Field Hospital Locations and PPE Needs

Grant Thornton explains how their Artificial Intelligence approach to calculating asset needs has been applied to PPE and can be useful in BIMStorm at Distance. An executive from the Children’s Hospital of Orange County join with representatives from the University Health System in San Antonio and Texas A&M Health is explaining the value of web-based asset management approaches.

Workshop Follow Up

In an 8-minute overview, Kimon Onuma shows what has been taught and achieved in previous BIMStorm at a Distance webinars and workshops.