GAO Report on Asset Management Published

The Government Accountability Office was asked by Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper to study the potential impact of the ISO 55000 management system for asset management on the U.S. Federal Government. The report was published November 5, 2018 and is titled “Federal Real Property Asset Management: Agencies Could Benefit from Additional Information on Leading Practices.
The GAO report recommends that the Office of Management and Budget take a closer look at supporting systematic asset management. It points out that leading agencies are already using the ISO 55000 system to improve the benefits they gain from appropriately implemented asset management.
The study includes the statement, “Experts and practitioners we interviewed most often cited the ISO 55000 standards as a useful resource that provided a solid foundation for an asset management framework and could inform federal agencies’ asset management efforts.”
The publication of the report is a significant step forward in the process of helping the U.S. Federal Government achieve significant benefits from improved asset management.
Please see more of the study by clicking on The GAO Study or Highlights.
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