Newsletter 28 March 2023

See more in Upcoming Events below about the final NPMA Asset Management Awareness Month event featuring the ALN’s good friend, Dr. Douglas Goetz.

As part of Asset Management Awareness Month, see this essay about how the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education program made history last week by being the first public demonstration we know of to showcase Artificial Intelligence creating a Building Information Model with rooms and personal property assets in the rooms. Congratulations to ALN Platinum Member ONUMA, Inc. for its achievement and for leaders from NIBS, NASEM, APPA, and Academic Interoperability Coalition for participating in the historic event. Register for the next presentation at this link.

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.


Cyril Verley, President and CEO of CDV Systems will be the ALN Th@3 pm ET guest this Thursday 29 March. Mr. Verley has been a leader in applying advanced Building Information Model technology to the building industry and now sees his role as serving the asset management industry. He sees that owners have powerful Building Information Models, but they don’t extract the information about the assets in an automated and systematic way. They typically waste money by manually collecting information that can already be “Harvested” from the Model. Join us as we welcome new organizational member CDV Systems to the ALN family. Register at this link.


Municipal Water Leader


Municipal Water Leader magazine as an excellent online article that features an interview with Tacoma Zach, CEO, Mentor Graphics, and Uberlytics, ALN organizational members that focus on utility asset holders. Mr. Zach presents his positions on risk analysis, enterprise asset management, CMMS, and how they all work together to help organizations achieve their intended outcomes. Projects in Alexandria, Virginia and Santa Monica, California are discussed. The interview provides an excellent opportunity to learn about issues to overcome and problems to address without having to go through them yourself.


Get A55K Training

The Andrew James Advisory Group is holding ALN A55K Professional Certification training throughout 2023. The 2-week web course provides one of the most thorough and meaningful understandings of the ISO 55000/1/2 asset management structure. The training involves recorded courses and readings as well as instructed web discussions. A final session involves creation of a Strategic Asset Management Plan that drives home the theory into a class activity that can be used directly at work. Teams starting their asset management journey with a combination of in-house staff and contracted consultants can schedule a private training course to begin speaking the same language and seeing complex issues through the same lens. See more at this link.

Upcoming Events

ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education
Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern

All are invited to participate in the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education to learn how an advanced governance system for assets can guide the use of ever evolving tools and processes. In a powerful demonstration of current capabilities, a series of learning opportunities will be focused on planning a temporary women’s health clinic to be “landed” on the campus of Ankara, Turkey. Asset management principals and fundamentals will be demonstrated through interactive workshops. Funds will be collected to support United Nations earthquake response efforts.

On April 12 at 4 pm Eastern there will be a final presentation of all the contributions to the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education. Please register at this link.

Also on April 12, but at 6 pm Eastern, the next episode of Value and Benefits from Asset Management will be co-facilitated by the ALN and the Australian Asset Management Council. This episode will feature Peter Dodgion, Civil Works Asset Management Chief, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Rachel Scott, who was an officer in the Royal Australian Navy in charge of asset management and is now provides technical advisor to the RNA for a $100 billion asset portfolio. Please register at this link.

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Asset Management Awareness Month is intended to urge businesses and organizations to learn how improved asset and property management practices can contribute to the overall mission and revenue goals of their organization.  Asset Management Awareness Month is a perfect reminder for organizations to evaluate their asset management support. The month also encourages all organizations to consider the value of asset management.

NPMA invites all members of the asset management community to participate in and share free webinars, receive helpful tips, and gain the knowledge to spread awareness about the value of asset management throughout their organization.

NPMA 2023 Asset Management Awareness Month Event Schedule

Free Webinars

The Importance of ‘Understanding’ in Property & Asset Management
Wednesday, March 29 at 1PM EDT
Presented by Dr. Douglas Goetz, CPPM, CF

Details and registration information are available here.

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to