Newsletter 4 April 2023

This is now officially the Asset Leadership Network Line of Sight newsletter. Thanks again to Mark Knight, PE, MCE, FIAM, Senior Management Consultant, 1898 & Co. for suggesting the title, which represents the clear communication between the C-Suite and boots-on-the-ground that gets asset management done.

It is the evolution of human tools and processes that allows this clear Line-of-Sight understanding of mission activities that enabled Asset Management to birth the concept of Asset Leadership, which emphasizes that it is up to top management to establish a culture of asset management to survive in a rapidly changing business world. Look for an array of Line of Sight logos to indicate the many ways Asset Leadership can guide and direct Asset Management.

Our ALN Th@3 pm ET guest this week is Art Kurland talking about systematic process improvements. See more below in People. Register at this link.

Jacobs: Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.


Art Kurland, Director, Capital and Asset Management, University Health will talk about systematic process improvements his department is experiencing through the implementation of Insights7 software and processes. Mr. Kurland has made University Health a leader in asset management with ISO 55001 certification and recertification, but saw the opportunity to map, prioritize, and optimize processes using the Insights7 approach. Learn about decisions using a structured approach to increasing organizational value with process improvements based on asset management data. And learn about the newest generation of asset distribution robots used at University Health. See more about the robots below in Ideas. Register at this link.


Pathway to Limitless AM

Jack Dempsey, Managing Partner, Asset Management Partnership is in the mix a lot these days with his very energetic approach to enabling everyone to improve organizational outcomes with a structured approach to asset management. His work with the National Academies, Society of American Military Engineers, Institute of Asset Management, and as a Board of Directors member of the ALN will be featured consistently this year. But his weekly newsletter from March 28, 2023 “Pathway to Limitless Asset Management” deserves a special spotlight. In one essay, he outlines the way to use the interconnectivity of ISO standards to dramatically realize intended results. It is a “must read” for anyone interested in continuous improvement at their organization.


AM Robots

University Health, a San Antonio, Texas hospital with more than $1.2 billion in annual revenue, has been using robots to distribute all kinds of assets for so long, they have recently updated their fleet. Supplied by Aethon, the devices are actually called Autonomous Mobil Robots, but they are moving all types of assets, so we call them asset management robots. In the health care industry, they move pharmaceuticals, meals, linens, equipment, and other supplies. And they can be used in any industry with large turn-over of assets, such as hospitality, and manufacturing. While not every organization is ready for robotic asset delivery systems, it is intriguing to consider their application as part of a structured approach to asset management.

Upcoming Events

April 6 ALN Th@3 pm ET – Art Kurland, Director, Capital and Asset Management, University Health. Register at this link

April 12 at 4 pm Eastern – ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education – There will be a final presentation of all the contributions to the ALN BIMStorm – Higher Education, which broke new ground in applying Artificial Intelligence to creating a Building Information Model that serves as a solid foundation for full life cycle asset management. Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc. will host an array of contributors and commentators in an interactive session. Please register at this link.

April 12 at 6 pm Eastern – Value and Benefits from Asset Management will be co-facilitated by the ALN and the Australian Asset Management Council. This episode will feature Peter Dodgion, Civil Works Asset Management Chief, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Rachel Scott, who was an officer in the Royal Australian Navy in charge of asset management and is now provides technical advisor to the RNA for a $100 billion asset portfolio. Please register at this link.

April 13 ALN Th@3 pm ET – Jack Dempsey, Managing Partner, Asset Management Partnership

If you are part of an ALN Member Organization, please send information about your upcoming speaking engagements to