reStructuring Infrastructure Policy and Strategy – 10/7 – 1pm Eastern

Understand ISO 55000 as key to solving the complex issues involved in improving U.S. infrastructure. We can’t make the same mistakes again.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Kofi Smith, CEO and President, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation;
  • Mildred Chua, Director and Program Executive, Enterprise Information and Asset Management, New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority;
  • Marty Rowland, New York City Parks Department;
  • Dragan Komljenovic, Senior Research Scientist, HydroQuebec Research Institute;
  • Amelia Shachoy, Assistant Director, U.S. GAO Infrastructure;
  • Len Caputo, Director, Asset Information, New York Power

Special thanks to the National Academies Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment