ALN A55K Professionals 2022 Q1 Gathering

Asset Leadership Network
Newly appointed ALN Executive Director, Mike Bordenaro, talks about the year-round slate of programs being launched in 2022 and initiatives that are allowing the ALN to have a greater impact on the evolution of asset management and the emergence of asset leadership. Special Guest Jim Dieter, ALN CEO, provides a brief history of the ALN and ALN A55K Professional Certification. Mike Santos, an engineer who has been involved in asset management for most of this century and is a leader at a ...

Asset Leadership Influencing Infrastructure Spending

Now that legislation is in place to provide funding for infrastructure improvement, what do federal, state, and local leaders need to do to ensure investments are made for the holistic lifecycle of assets? Speakers: Amelia Shachoy, Asst. Dir., Infrastructure, U.S. GAO; Lou Cripps, II, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Denver Regional Transit District; Ben Clark, Group Manager Assets and Infrastructure at Town of Walkerville, South Australia; Mil...