The Benefits of Inclusion and Storytelling from Ron Regalado

“This is one of my favorite stories that we have heard on ALN Th@4” – Nick Knoke, ALN Director of Technology

Ron Regalado is a Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM), author, instructor, speaker and content developer. Over 22 years of direct management experience in the aerospace industry as a Property Manager, Property Supervisor, Team Leader, Change Manager, Process Owner and Common ERP Project Team Leader for Fixed Asset and Government Property tracking systems. Six of the twenty two years were at the sector level and sixteen years were at the business unit level. Have led teams of subject matter experts as a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt Project Team Leader. For the past ten years, have served as a U.S. Government-appointed Plant Clearance Officer. Personally responsible for the reutilization of over $1B in excess Government property over a two year period. Frequent contributing author to the Property Professional publication of the National Property Management Association (NPMA). In August, 2018, Received a literary award at the 2018 NPMA National Educational Seminar.